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Misc Security

Misc Security


I just got a new laptop Dell Latitude E6420 with Windows 7 Pro installed in it. It has an i5 Core. I'm having a problem to install Pointsec from Checkpoint in it.

I know Pointsec have problems with i3, i5 and i7 processors. I follow the work around from Checkpoint by disabling Hypertrading capability and set the SATA Operation to ATA mode. If I didn't use the workaround, Pointsec simply won't install. It will give an error message that said Pointsec installation cannot be completed because it was interrupted. After the workaround, the installation process works without any problem at all.

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Hi guys,

I am using a Compaq laptop with XP installed on it and experiencing a Trojan issue related to its usage. Actually, a few months ago it kept saying that I had a Trojan and it was affecting my computer. After ignoring, it kept telling/indicating me that I needed to get this Window Antivirus software for risk free protection.

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I changed my admin password because a lot of people are using my pc. Unfortunately, I forgot what it was and now I cannot access my desktop. I have a lot of important files in there.

Windows 7 is my OS and Acer is the brand of my pc. Now I’m regretting that I changed it. My pc is useless at the moment. I hope there is somebody there who can help me. I tried entering the password a couple of times and I’m locked out.

Can system restore possibly fix this?

I doubt it and never tried it before.

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Someone or something blocked me from accessing my D: drive. When I click on the drive it says access denied.

I am logged in with an administrator account and have accessed the drive before.

All my backups are stored on that drive and if my PC crashes then I have nowhere to recover that data.

After the message, I restarted my system twice but still the same message.

I am using updated NOD32 antivirus and have scanned my system twice and there is no virus in it.

If anyone can help,

I’ll be really grateful.

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Hello all,

I am using Yahoo Messenger version 10 to chat with my friends. I visited a site suggested by my friends before some days and made some friends there. Also added some of them on my Yahoo Messenger on their request.

I am getting disconnected after some time of hang up on yahoo messenger. I don't even know what is happening. A friend of mine told me that someone is using yahoo booter that's why I am getting DC again and again. After getting disconnected whenever I try to log-in it says invalid password but whenever I try to log-in through yahoo mail after that my yahoo messenger starts working as well.

Is there any way to block the sender of the file which I am receiving before yahoo hangup and disconnect?

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Hello Dears,

I am a user of MS XP professional edition and I am facing an issue of spyware. In fact, a few months ago I had purchased a product named, Lenovo ThinkPad T61 and I installed AVG Antivirus professional, along with Microsoft Windows defender (registered).

However, from the first day, I have been facing a problem. The advert pages appear in my browser continuously. The window which appears is usually for a reasonably credible advert like eBay, Walmart etc. Also the title at the top of the advert pages screens always use to begin with a specific symbol.

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I have some images on my computer and can I put passwords to those files?

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Hi Dears

I am very happy to see this site, with very nice answers with solutions. It’s really very much helpful for me and my class.


I need help also. I want to save my data in zip format and also want to secure that from un-authorized access. Means I want to minimize the size of the folder as well as want to secure that by setting a password.  Is there any reliable software available for this?



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I heard that the social engineering term might used in infiltration so any one who knows what is social engineering?

Please explain

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I received a recommendation to install SmoothWall Express 3.0 software firewall for my home network of five PCs. The instructions say that I boot to the CD, and run the installer which will wipe the hard disk before it installs.

What? Wipe the hard drive?

Any software that wants to clear my hard drive should end up in the trash can.

However, I can reinstall most of my software but for a firewall to do that it makes no sense.


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