Yahoo Messenger keeps on booting out

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Hello all,

I am using Yahoo Messenger version 10 to chat with my friends. I visited a site suggested by my friends before some days and made some friends there. Also added some of them on my Yahoo Messenger on their request.

I am getting disconnected after some time of hang up on yahoo messenger. I don't even know what is happening. A friend of mine told me that someone is using yahoo booter that's why I am getting DC again and again. After getting disconnected whenever I try to log-in it says invalid password but whenever I try to log-in through yahoo mail after that my yahoo messenger starts working as well.

Is there any way to block the sender of the file which I am receiving before yahoo hangup and disconnect?

I tried blocking one or two ids also but the sender is changing his email id frequently.

Any Suggestions?

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Yahoo Messenger keeps on booting out


Hello Darius!

There may be several reasons that you keep getting booted out of your yahoo messenger. It also would’ve been helpful if you mentioned what site you visited that your friend said to go to, there could be something there that affected your yahoo messenger. Let’s go through this one solution at a time and find the best one or two solutions that can help you with your problem.

Here are some solutions that can help you with your Yahoo Messenger problem:

  1. It is possible that your Yahoo Messenger needs updating. You mentioned earlier that you are using Yahoo Messenger 10. Yahoo Messenger 11 has already been released. You can go ahead and reinstall your current Yahoo Messenger, download the latest version and install it on your computer. You may need to restart your computer, once restarted try out the latest version of Yahoo Messenger and see if you still get booted out after a while.
  2. Run an anti-virus, malware scanner, spyware scanner or all of those combined. You may have visited a website that automatically downloaded a harmful virus or malware on your computer that specifically attacks your Yahoo Messenger. If it is able to detect harmful files, go ahead and quarantine the files or delete them completely, restart your computer and try to use your Yahoo Messenger again and hope for the best.
  3. Just to be safe, try to use your Yahoo Messenger in Safe Mode and see if there is a difference, restart the computer and hold down the appropriate button that will lead you to an option screen, Select “Safe Mode with Networking”. Once inside, go ahead and try to run your Yahoo Messenger and check if it works properly.
  4. What happens when you login into your Yahoo Messenger? Does your screen suddenly fill up with many spam messages and other ads from boots or unknown people? This could cause you to be booted out of your messenger. It is best to block them and to do this you need to change the Preferences in your Yahoo Messenger. Open your Ignore List and select to ignore anyone who is not on your Messenger List. You will still be able to invite people but you are now able to block all those annoying spam messages. 
  5. If you get booted out because it tells you that you are logged in somewhere else or another computer, this doesn’t mean your account has been stolen. Check to see if you forgot to log out in your handheld devices like cell phones, iPod, or iPads, or even your Laptop. Check and make sure because if you did, that means you cannot log in. Simply closing the application runs in the background and not really logs you off. This goes with almost anything concerned with online activity.
  6. Also if you want to play it safe and certain things still happen, go ahead and change your password just to be on the safe side. Write it down and don’t share it with anyone. Use passwords that you do not use in any other account so it will be unique.

I hope these solutions were able to solve your problem. Be careful online and remember to use “netiquette”.

Good Luck and Happy Chatting!

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Yahoo Messenger keeps on booting out


Hi security if someone booting you while you are using yahoo than you can stop or resist against this booting by Using your Yahoo options which have multiple sections and options available for your convenience like you can auto ignore people who post too many messages in little and short span of time period like if a person is sending you messages repeatedly or booting you up. 

As I think that you are using the web based chat Instead of the stand alone client, once you successfully logged in, please go to the Settings menu Spam (on the chat toolbar) and you can have the options for adjusting and selecting out your preferences there to avoid any such actions performed by others upon you. Hope this will work for you thanks.

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