How to fix spyware/adware issue?

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Hello Dears,

I am a user of MS XP professional edition and I am facing an issue of spyware. In fact, a few months ago I had purchased a product named, Lenovo ThinkPad T61 and I installed AVG Antivirus professional, along with Microsoft Windows defender (registered).

However, from the first day, I have been facing a problem. The advert pages appear in my browser continuously. The window which appears is usually for a reasonably credible advert like eBay, Walmart etc. Also the title at the top of the advert pages screens always use to begin with a specific symbol.

All other attributes of my browsers such as menus, URL area etc is also turned off. I receive up to 15 advert pages during the browsing session of a couple of hours.

To deal with this issue, I have run various Anti spyware packages like Adware killer, Spybot etc. But none of them was able to find an issue and to solve it. I also have scanned my PC with my Avast 5.0 registered version, but nothing has been identified by it. I have taken each and every possible step to solve this issue but I am not being able to do so.

I think I am being annoying only and there is no other issue except this.

So badly, I want to know how to fix spyware/adware issue?

If anyone has experienced it before and does anybody have a solution for this issue then kindly suggest me.

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How to fix spyware/adware issue?


Hi Kevino,

Well I think you must first configure your safety settings on the web browser. The most common setting is blocking pop-ups. If there are exceptional sites that you really needed, add them accordingly. As you didn’t mention the web browser you are using, I cannot say how to do this step by step. Most of web browsers have this pop-up blocker configuration of the content settings. There are other options that you can use for safety which will provided by your browser.

For example Firefox has.

  • Warn me when sites try to install add-ons

This will give you a warning message and request for an authorization, if any website tries to install something on your web browser. So you can check whether it is a virus or spyware or adware and then install.

  • Block reported attack sites

Those sites try to install programs and steal private information without your authorization. Their intention is to distribute harmful software across the internet. Sometimes they can use your computer to attack others or it can damage your system. Google and has maintained a list of those sites and Mozilla use this list to alert users when a particular site is being visited.

  • Block reported web forgeries

When a malicious site impersonates a legitimate one to trick you and grabbing sensitive information such as account details, passwords. etc is a form of identity theft. As Attack sites, Mozilla uses those lists from list maintainers and alert users if been visiting those sites.

As you see, you must protect your browser from the Phishing and Malware stuff.

Every browser contains built-it Phishing & Malware Protection to help you safe navigating. Those features will warn when you visited a reported page as a Web Forgery (phishing) or as an Attack (malware). This works by checking the sites which you are visiting against a list of reported phishing/ malware sites. Those lists are automatically downloaded from the guaranteed list maintain services and updated every 30 minutes if the option enabled.

Also there is an option to enable/disable your cookies. Sometimes cookies are harmful, work as a spyware and sometimes they are useful like as use for session management. You have to identify these two scenarios and manage adding exceptions for giving permission to store cookies on your system.

Before moving into anti spyware packages, it is better to first configure your safety settings in the browser.

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How to fix spyware/adware issue?



1. Firstly try installing Kaspersky Security.
2. It supports banner ad blocking.
3. It also scans your PC for any adware or spyware and removes them.
4. It consumes less resources.
5. This software will surely help you in blocking the advertisements and your browser would be ad- free.
6. Hope this will work for you.

Thank You.

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How to fix spyware/adware issue?


Don’t worry, just follow these steps:

a) Disconnect your PC from all network connections.

b) Try to uninstall it, if that doesn’t work, go to run and type "msconfig".

c) Select start up. Uncheck the marked options.
System Configuration Utility
System Configuration
d) Try to open task manager.
Task Manager
e) If not force to open by clicking CTRL-SHIFT-ESC. 
f) If not.
Task Manager
To enable task manager, you need to follow these steps: 
1) Open a notepad. 
2) Paste this code: 
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 
3) Save it as taskmanager.reg
Save as RNH
4) Open it by double clicking. 
Hope it helps.
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How to fix spyware/adware issue?



There are several ways in which you can remove the spyware from your PC:

1. You can try a traditional uninstall, by this I mean, go to the control panel Add/Remove programs list. If there is any unwanted program installs, select the program and click Remove. After the program has uninstalled, reboot your computer.

2. Try also to run malware removers such as SmitFraudFix and MalwareByte.

3. If you have a strong antivirus try to scan your system for any possible malware.

Hope this helps.


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How to fix spyware/adware issue?


Dear Kevino,

First you have to check your internet browser version, means is it the latest one. If not, please install the latest browser, such as- Mozilla 16. 

Then first go to the Firefox button, under that you will find extension option, under that enable your antivirus. 

And make sure that you always update your antivirus.

I hope this will work.

Thank you.

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