Misc Security

Misc Security

Hello everyone, I was browsing the internet when I found that my Adobe flash player shows an error every time I play video. The error says Adobe flash player error 1722. Kindly help me fix this mistak

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I know how to secure my PDF files with password. But everytime I send them, I need to set a password. Isn't it possible to set one password for a bunch of files? How to create a secure PDF?

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Hey everyone,

I am studying about Furnaces recently. I wanted to know something from the Experts. Does a furnace have a pilot light? If it has a Pilot Light, then how can we light it?

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There are four versions of Norton. What is the difference between Norton 360 and Norton 360 premier? Which one should I install for the back-up of my files?

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I am using a high-end PC and need to change the SID of the PC. How can I do the same?Also, guide me with steps to generate new SID windows 7.

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My brother has by mistake changed the password of my excel workbook and he is not able to recall it. This excel file contains important information. Can anyone help me in excel workbook password recovery or in removing the password ??

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Hi, I am working in a big team of web application development, and we are facing big challenges in terms of implementation of security in our project. We are using AGILE model for product development and usually we don’t get time in our mid sprints to spend on such issues. It is now becoming very painful for me as a lead to solve the bug related to security in estimated time. Please suggest if any one has implemented basic security steps in parallel to development.

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I want to block many applications in the windows 7 run PC in home. I have to do this because, I have limited data usage and things such as automatic updated of third party applications shouldn’t consume any data. Also, I have installed many handy tools which loads the ads from the internet. I think, if the application is able to load ads, it can also send a few details to third party. Hence I decided to block all unwanted applications. Kindly suggest me on how to block all software which I have installed from internet access?

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I am working on a project and would like to hide my IP from the internet. I know there are several free software s available but I am worried a lot about malwares and spywares because the projects is very important and i do not want to get spied nor i can afford to lose data due to viruses. Please suggest the way to hide the IP only when certain user logs in. Also, if it is possible to do through the settings in windows it would be of great help! I am running windows 7 basic edition

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Protection 1 – What are the basic features of this security system? What are the specifications in this security? Does it include any devices or can I connect it with my android phone? How much is it? The security camera, is it enclosed with a metal protector? How does their technical support respond if there is any issues with the alarm system? How does it work? Does it notify a nearby police station if I will not be able to attend the alarm?

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