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Misc Security

Misc Security

My PC is prone to virus infection. I want to have a PC that doesn’t get infected.

What is the best antivirus that can remove any kind of virus?

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Nessus, what is this software and how is it useful?

I know it is a security software but why do we need it. Is it a kind of firewall or security finder?

Thank you!

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Normally, I have heard that there is one admin and there may be a number of guests. But is it possible that we may use more than one admin on a single PC.

My reason to ask this question is because guest account usually asks for admin password for the usual work like printing etc. I want the distribution to be done in such a way that both the accounts work like admin in some way. Is this possible?

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I have a site on blogger.com. It contains news and information also gathered from the internet.

These are just copy paste articles with credits (backlink) to the source page.

I have also my own articles and images.

I want those images protected and cannot be downloaded by my visitors.

How can I protect those images?

If you care to visit my blog, here is the URL.

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My anti-virus keeps on detecting a virus every time I plug in a flash drive.

It also pops up when I open my desktop from other folders and when I start my computer. Is this something that I need to be alarmed to or is it just an error from my anti-virus?



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Hi there,

How to get the SIP security URL from the SIP core?

Here is a picture to better describe my problem.


Security Image Error

Unable to get the SIP Security URL from the SIP core.

Please check your Internet connection.

I will be waiting for a good response.

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Hi experts,

Every time, I browse the Internet, almost all of the pages I am visiting, whether I am using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, an alert prompted me always. What should I do to fix this issue?

I captured a screen shot of the error message for your reference. Please help.

Security Alert

Information you exchange with this site cannot be viewed or changed by others. However, there is a problem with the site's security certificate.

The security certificate is from a trusted certifying authority.

The security certificate has expired or is not yet valid.

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Hello friends,

I just want to know how virus, spyware and other Malware attack the computer. My brother always tells me that don’t just click links that I am not familiar with because it might have harmful contents that will make the computer at risk. So, I want to know all possible ways on how a virus can get on a computer, so that I can become aware of it.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

 I am trying to install Windows Defender on my system running Windows XP Service Pack 2. My user has all the privileges for installation of software as I install much software on it using the same account.

Yesterday, when I tried to install Microsoft Windows Defender, I got a message of shortage of system privileges. The actual error is seen below.

Windows defender installer error

Windows Defender Installer Information

Service 'Windows Defender' (WinDefend) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.

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I have a problem regarding Pointsec installed in Panasonic Toughbook CF 19 with Windows XP for Tablet PC installed in it. The installation itself is working wonderfully but the problem lies after installation.

Every time I tried to turn on the laptop, it will take long time to do that in fact for several times I have to turn off and turn on again to make it enter Windows normally. Sometimes, I was faced with blank screen whenever I tried to turn on the laptop. This happened only to people using Panasonic Toughbook apparently since other users using different brand of laptop can use the Pointsec without having this kind of problem.

Panasonic Toughbook has Core 2 Duo processor installed with 2 GB RAM and 160 GB HDD installed in it.

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