How to fix Trojan/malware issue?

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Hi guys,

I am using a Compaq laptop with XP installed on it and experiencing a Trojan issue related to its usage. Actually, a few months ago it kept saying that I had a Trojan and it was affecting my computer. After ignoring, it kept telling/indicating me that I needed to get this Window Antivirus software for risk free protection.

After ignoring all those alerts, it has by-chance made it to the stage, where I had no access to the net, saying my computer was infected badly and it just had a very huge warning/alert, ‘Danger’ sign that took over on my screen. I think my mother herself bought a program and it definitely told us exactly that too. With that software it was fine. For a while at least, but after some time my PC then encoded “the antivirus wasn’t installed correctly”, and that I’d have to re-install it and even buy it again.

I ignored these even though the pop-ups kept coming each and every single time I log into my personal computer. Sadly, I have no access to the web again, even no sign or alert this time, just "Malware/Worms/Trojans, and Spyware found etc.!"  This keeps making me scan a lot (in big time) then try to make me agree to buy it. I have tried as much things as I know, to handle this problem but I have not been able enough to fix it yet.

In the hope for the solution of this weird issue, I tried safe mode to get AVG and Malware bytes but my enter button also broke. Then, I tried scanning the whole PC with my antivirus software (AVG) but it's not functioning at its best now and that's why I think it is not being able to detect/remove any harmful element. I also have tried installing many Malware and Trojan remover apps but now they are also not working as like any security software.

I’m screwed now due to this issue and in search now of an immediate help! I would really appreciate if you should tell me, how to fix Trojan/Malware issue. I need internet to go to my online high school and I can’t buy another computer right now! So, please help me as early as you can.

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How to fix Trojan/malware issue?


Hi Kevino,

Steps to Remove Trojan Malware:

1. Reboot your computer in safe mode by pressing F8 and when you see a menu appear, select "Safe Mode" from the menu.

2. Right click the task bar located on the bottom of your screen and select "Task manager. Select the Processes tab to view the files that are running and find the Trojans. It will indicate clearly whether or not the file is a Trojan.

3. After selecting the file Trojan, right click it and select "End Process" from the menu. If the message displays "Access Denied", then follow another route, go to run and type msconfig. This opens the utility box. Click Startup tab and find Trojan and disable it.

4. Then go to "My Computer" and manually search for the file on your C drive and delete it. Make sure you empty the recycle bin.

5. Restart your computer and check for any signs of the Trojan.

If you still have problems, then you may have to consider wiping the hard drive and reformatting your computer. This is because some of the nastier Trojans are programmed to automatically return during the PC Startup process or they hide themselves as a rootkit which is nearly impossible to locate.

If you have to completely wipe the hard drive and reformat your computer, try and save your files to a CD if at all possible depending upon the type of Trojan. Wiping the hard drive and reformatting the PC includes wiping out all of your files which means you will lose everything.

I hope this will work.


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How to fix Trojan/malware issue?


Hi Kevino,

You must browse a site that has a spam, the window antivirus software keeps popping in your laptop indicates that it’s already in the system, and the spam that I said is the windows antivirus software itself.

It keeps telling you that your system has a virus, Trojan and you have to purchase window antivirus software, but the truth is not, if you have an antivirus it should pop up and tells you that you really have a virus attack, if you bite the bait then you are another victim of this annoying promotion in the net

Just click the link to know about this fake virus alerts, Link

About your laptop I recommend to you to back up your important files and reformat your hard drive and reinstall a fresh copy of your OS.

Hope this help.

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