How do I make encrypted files or folders remain encrypted when I upload them to the cloud? Am thinking if I encrypt my files and folders, it may add to its security in cloud where I have no control over. If I use encryption for my back up files in cloud, could the files and folder remain encrypted after uploading? What are the ways of encrypting files in the cloud?

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Why did I lose my data after I convert ext3 partition to use encrypted file system? I have two partition on my Linux system, one with root contain the OS and the other data which uses ext3. I create a new encrypted LUKs volume and new file system in the ext3 partition after some space was freed. I later deleted the old files in the old partition, but the new files in the new partition were lost. Can I retrieve the lost data even if in the old file system?

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Hi Techyv Users,

I am planning to have Symantec Digital IDs for Secure Email, that will help me to have digitally signed and encrypted communications. I need to know its Key Features and System Requirements. If there are any such similar providers of Secure Email, Please suggest them.


Jerome C Carignan

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Hi there.  I just installed McAfee Total Protection 2013 and Endpoint Encryption on my Windows 7 64 bit desktop.  My problem is, I forgot my password and I could not access my desktop.  How do I get or recover my McAfee encryption code of the day?  Thanks guys.

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Hi.  I have a security enabled flash disk for saving some of my files.  The problem is, I can't remember my password and I can't access it anymore and gives a message "disk is write protected".  Can I flash disk unblock with McAfee?  Does McAfee have this option?  I have a 64 GB SanDisk ULTRA USB Flash Drive.

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What alternative options can I implement to repair the encrypted rar files destroyed by online virus while downloading and what steps do I need to follow in these options to facilitate full repair without loss of any single data?

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Hello techyv,

I would like to discover some data armor. In an online business activity nowadays we can’t help but think of the security of our files or data online or even in our computer system. I know antivirus is a great help but I need more security such as data armor. Can you explain some points to consider about this matter?


Expecting some help from you guys.

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It seemed that there is a problem with my computer that is why I was thinking maybe it was infected with a virus? I was trying to fix it myself when suddenly this repair interface error message came out.


Crltical Hard Disk Driver Error:

Windows 7 Repair detected a bad sector on your hard disk drive. This error may cause the following problems:

-Data corruption and loss

– Hand drive inaccessbality

– System errors and failures.

What do I have to do with this?

Is restarting the system an option?

Please help me.

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Usually, an non-encrypted download URL is something like this one: http://www.domain-name.com/download/, but when I get my own encrypted download link to provide more security, I get a very long download URL (I wish I can send a screenshot but I don't know how to do it) that usually goes for two lines long.

This can be a bit annoying for anyone to copy or click to. How can I shorten my encrypted URL so that it displays like a standard URL link but is actually encrypted?

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Hi guys, can anyone please provide me some details about “Public-key cryptography”,
  I want to know some information such as,
    1)what is it?
    2)How it works?

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