Symantec Digital IDs for Secure Email

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Hi Techyv Users,

I am planning to have Symantec Digital IDs for Secure Email, that will help me to have digitally signed and encrypted communications. I need to know its Key Features and System Requirements. If there are any such similar providers of Secure Email, Please suggest them.


Jerome C Carignan

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Symantec Digital IDs for Secure Email


Hi Jerome,
The features of Symantec Digital IDs for secure email are as follows:
1) It provides signed emails that help users recognize the recipient sending the mails
2) It encrypts the emails to protect the email content
3) It is used with Microsoft Word to digitally sign the documents with Symantec ID

The system requirements are as mentioned below:
1) The login is similar as it requires authentication process
2) It is compatible with Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird
3) The software can be used with all email applications

The different software used for Digital IDs through secure mail are as follows:
A) Comodo software
1) Download the software from Comodo official website
2) It provides message encryption security
3) It has protection against identity theft
4) It integrates Microsoft Office and related applications
5) It is easy to use and free software

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