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I need to know about this error. Need your help.

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Hi all!

I have made a "Encrypted File Container" with the help of AES, NTFS and 4.3GB. The volume is mounted after press the “Mount” button and type password. After pressing the “Auto-mount Devices” and inserted the password, the error happened.

By The Way, the password is same and appropriately right.
The error is:

"Mount" button: volume is mounted!
"Auto-mount Devices" button: error: "Incorrect password or no Truecrypt volume found".

I also backup the header of my volume and stored it but won’t work. The same error emerged when I set True Crypt to initialize a logon and auto-mount my volumes.

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When I tried to decompress file MA.RAR by names in Farsi, I found an error in WinRAR. The error message is:

MA.rar with emails from infiltrated Iran statal server

password: opiranopiran

To extract, then I had to download 7zip, but there were no problems.

I am using Windows XP SP2 64-bit Operating System.

WinRAR 4.01 beta final 64-bit


7Zip 9.22 beta

How can I solve this WinRAR problem? Please give me a solution to solve this. Thanks a lot.

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Is there any program in windows XP Home edition which can help me to encrypt a file?

I don’t want to use third-party software.

Is it possible?

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Hi! Friends,

I have a problem with my laptop and the Sophos software. There are many files but their extensions are $$$ . These file's sizes are greater than 1GB and I have to delete them from the temp directory and when I went to the temp and selected all of these files and clicked right-click, the following error message appeared to me:

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Hi All!

I have just installed latest HASP HL dongle drivers, then I installed HASPHL2008.exe and I ran the dump file.

After that I created the dump file and then I sent that to softkey solutions and I received *.dng.file. And when I loaded the file using emulator everything is Ok and fine. I showed the License and Licensed dongle window.

But when I tried to run the program,

I found the following error pop-up to me:

"Error 7: HASP HL Key not found"

Who can help me to solve this problem with my laptop?

If anyone knows the solution write it to me here.

Thanks a lot.

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Hello! All of you here,

I have a problem appearing when I launch a remote connection item that uses a symmetric encryption.

An error message box appears as the following:

Cannot launch because encryption level Symmetric
cannot be initialized
CryptoAPI is not available.
Object already exists.

I want to delete this message or stop it from appearing. I think that this problem appears because of PC Everywhere cannot run in symmetric mode and the CryptoAPI may be broken.

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