Can I flash disk unblock with McAfee?

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Hi.  I have a security enabled flash disk for saving some of my files.  The problem is, I can't remember my password and I can't access it anymore and gives a message "disk is write protected".  Can I flash disk unblock with McAfee?  Does McAfee have this option?  I have a 64 GB SanDisk ULTRA USB Flash Drive.

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Can I flash disk unblock with McAfee?


Greetings Caroline J Tritt,

No, McAfee can't solve the problem you have.  However you can solve your problem in number of ways if you are using Windows.

One way is to format your flash USB. Open My Computer right click the USB and Press Format. Format the disk, then remove it from the PC and then insert it again. This will however erase all data you had on it.

The other solution is to edit your Windows Registry. First make sure you insert your USB in your PC.

Go to Start -> Run -> (windows button + r on your keyboard) and type in Regedit. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlStorageDevicePolicies. On the right side find WriteProtect and double click it. Enter 0 (null) as a value and click OK. Exit the registry editor and restart your PC. You should be able to use your USB normally now.

Hope this helps you,

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Can I flash disk unblock with McAfee?



No, you cant use McAfee for removing flash drive security. I think you can use a software to unblock your drive if your files are not important or just simply format your flash drive. Click this for downloading the usb unblock software. If your files are important then download Truecrypt password protection program and do the following steps:

1) Start the protection program and wait for it to recognize your flash drive.

2) Click on your USB flash drive recognized in the protection program and then click 'volume or volume tools.'

3) Now click ok and then erase the password and confirm password which appears on the next window.

4) Now select "traveler disk setup" from the menu below 'tools' and click on 'open explorer window for mounted volume.'

5) Click ok and eject your USB flash drive after closing the protection program.

Your encryption password will be removed now.

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