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October 25th, 2013

Category: Operating system

Don’t have an MSDN or Technet account? Are you one of those who want to update to Windows 8.1 on multiple machines? Here is a simple tip that you can use to avoid downloading the update on each system. With this, you can just download the update once.

This tip is to create your own installation media for Windows 8.1. This way, you will just connect the USB stick to each machine without having to re-download the same update process over and over again. Also, while you have the chance to make downloading easier for you, you can also use your Windows 8 product key to get the Windows 8.1 Update.  

October 17th

Category: Operating system

This October 17, 2013, Windows 8.1 update will be available as a free update for the Windows 8 users. And then on the next day, the entire Windows 8 users will need to avail it for $120 for the regular version and $200 for the Pro version. It’s quite very expensive for some but if you want to download it for free, I am sharing you some tips. Just follow the simple steps below:

To obtain a Windows 8.1 copy in legal way, download the Windows 8.1 Preview from the site below:

September 22nd

Category: Others

Setting Up Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor on the newest iPhone 5S

I got so excited on the latest iPhone releases especially the iPhone 5S. One of the first things I did with it is to check on the Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor. The new Home button of iPhone 5S is flat and more settled.  This is one of the major feature included in iPhone 5S and Apple selected a capacitance reader powering a convenient property of your skin. If we touch on the fingerprint feature of our iPhone device, it quantifies the diminutive distinctions in conductivity because of the elevated parts of our fingerprint and then it forms an image.

August 29th

Category: Others

Top Tips for Email Marketing with New Gmail Tabbed Inbox

On 29th may Google announced that Gmail inbox will be introduced to a tabbed system. This system divides your emails into five categories- primary, social, promotions.  These are the three main ones. Apart from these, the other two optional ones are called- updates and forums. Google explains itself by saying that through these tabs; the users can see what is new at a glance and then decide which ones they want to read.

Category: Cloud Computing

Top Tips to Secure your Data and De-Cloud Yourself

When organizations decide to implement cloud-based solutions in their operation, it is necessary they decide that how good their cloud services perform and how much secure do they want their data. It is noted that cloud performance reduces if encrypting data is stored in it. When any organization or an individual stores any information in cloud, it is crucial that security measures are taken very seriously to make sure that the data remains safe. Due to changes in Google’s cloud storage service, users who have to use encryption may very soon benefit from it.

Google’s Automatic Cloud Storage Data Encryption

April 15th

Category: Others

Apple - one of the largest and richest technology companies to date

Apple will continue being one of the largest and richest technology companies to date. Their products and services are always in high demand! As technology advances, so does their products and software. One of the best things about their devices is the convenience; whether it is the size or the capabilities of the actual device itself. It can also be how the devices vary. An Apple device can range anywhere from a phone to a computer. This article will give you complete insight on everything you need to know about the iPad, iPod and iPhone.

April 13th

Category: Others

Top Best Mini DV HD Camcorders of the Year 2012

Are you looking for that camera that will take clear photos and videos in your forthcoming event? You do not have to bother yourself anymore; here is a list of top 15 best Mini DV HD Camcorders to choose from:

1. Sony Dcr-hc38 DCRHC38 - A mini DV Handycam camcorder that offers all the best features ever. It takes perfect quality photos and videos. It has a picture stabilization system which is designed for elimination of the shake.

Category: Others

Top 15 TV Portable apps of the Year 2012

With advancement in technology, nowadays there are many television apps available for you to enjoy. The following TV portable apps will be helpful to you if you are a TV lover:

1. iTV - A connectable app that suits most viewing habits. With iTV account you are able to interface with your Roku or Tivo box, download from iTunes, set up alerts or schedule via Netflix. You can also share upcoming show times through social media.

Category: Others

Top 15 Portable TVs of the Year 2012

The top rated portable TVs allow you to watch your favorite programs, shows, sports and movies anytime and anywhere you want. A portable TV can be carried along as you walk and enjoy all you want. Here are top 15 portable LCD TVs:

1. Eviant T7 - an ultra-portable television which can be used in various environments. It takes a small space of your room and its battery allows you to view it from any location. Its small size allows you to watch it when holding it in your hands. Although it is not an HDTV, it shows high quality pictures so long as the reception is there.

April 12th

Category: Exchange

Top 10 Microsoft Exchange server 2010 errors

1. Initialization failed when the open Exchange Management Console

Initialization failed