Top 15 Portable TVs of the Year 2012

Top 15 Portable TVs of the Year 2012

The top rated portable TVs allow you to watch your favorite programs, shows, sports and movies anytime and anywhere you want. A portable TV can be carried along as you walk and enjoy all you want. Here are top 15 portable LCD TVs:

1. Eviant T7 – an ultra-portable television which can be used in various environments. It takes a small space of your room and its battery allows you to view it from any location. Its small size allows you to watch it when holding it in your hands. Although it is not an HDTV, it shows high quality pictures so long as the reception is there.

2. Haier HLT71 7 – Inch Portable LCD TV- a handheld television featuring ATSC/NTSC tuner, screen aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9 which can be selected, audio/ video jack with coaxial input and detachable antenna, AC adaptor, power supply for remote control and car adaptor, multi-language OSD in English, Spanish and French.

3. RCA DMT336R – a 3.5-inch LCD TV with tuners for a mobile DTV and standard digital TV. It also has an FM tuner which you can tune on and listen to your favorite radio programs from any location. DMT336R is a perfect performer that allows you to watch your favorite programs from any location.

4. Philips PT902/37 – a perfect alternative for those living in areas that don’t get a mobile DTV signal or those who consider 3.5 inches to be too small for them. PT902/37 is a 9iinch portable TV whose battery life allows you to carry it everywhere you go and enjoy your day with it.

5. RCA 7-Inch  RTV 86073 Portable TV – a 7-inch LCD display television with inbuilt ATSC/NTSC analog tuner, flip-out stand, rechargeable battery, detachable antenna, AC power adaptor, full function remote control, speakers suitable for public viewing, parental control and a standard jack for headphones which allows you to view in privacy. It’s these features that make it worth your viewing.

6. Axion AXN-8701 7” LCD TV – a widescreen portable television with inbuilt tuner. It’s black in color and allows you to enjoy your favorite TV programs from any location in your home, even when you are out of your home. It’s a perfect TV that you can carry to your bedroom when the TV room is occupied.

7. Haier HLT10 10” LCD TV – a portable LCD display television that allows you to enjoy your favorite programs from any location of your home compound. With HLT10, you can watch the morning news without getting out of your bed.

8. VIZIO VMB070 7” TV – a portable LCD display television with edge Lit Razor LED LCD features. It shows high resolution pictures, inbuilt antenna, remote control, touch controls and a carrying pouch where you put it and carry it when not in use.

9. Artec T28A LCD TV – a portable television with inbuilt 8.5 TFT LCD display and support for ATSC/Clear QAM protocol. Additionally, it features FM radio so you can listen to your favorite radio programs, inbuilt stereo speakers, EPG closed caption, terrestrial dipole antenna and multi-language OSD.

10. Axion AXN-8705 7” TV – a widescreen LCD TV which you carry to any location you go and watch your favorite programs. It has an inbuilt antenna and produces high resolution pictures and quality sound.

11. Viore PLCDV2 7” LCD TV – a portable television featuring an inbuilt DVDplayer, which allows you to enjoy both functionality of a portable TV and a portable DVD player. It also has an inbuilt antenna that you can use when you plug out the external one.

12. Viore PLC7V95 7” LCD TV – a portable TV designed for you to have the best of your television and video programs from any location. It has an ATSC tuner integrated for over-the-air digital signals. It gives you the best portable television experience ever.

13. Tivax HiRez9 9” TV – a portable digital television with a wide-screen which you can carry with you anywhere at any time. With this television you can watch morning news while still in your bed or in your car as you drive to the job.

14. Tivax HiRez7 7” TV – a predecessor of the 9-inch portable TV from Tivax. The 7-inch model of Tivax is a widescreen portable digital LCD television with advanced ATSC digital tuner which caters for high performance.

15. Emerson EWC1303 13” TV/ VCR Combo – a portable device that allows you to enjoy both portable TV and portable VCR functionalities. It features on-screen display of menu, remote control, television channel memory for back-up, picture control and an auto-set frequency tuner.


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