Knowing About The Fun And Cons Of Gif

The most prominent and fun part or the essential aspect of today’s chatting is the usage of smileys and symbols. These make a chat more realistic and create the eagerness to text someone. The new trend is the use of GIF’s while texting or commenting on something or someone. A GIF, Graphics Interchange Format, is the coded or a simple-plain structure of a picture of a short span of a video clip. People send GIF to share their views without verbal communication and also to make a chat being bored. These GIF’s are found almost every social media and in all communication application on gadgets.


  • The repeating gif where a video or a clipping is played even after the clip gets finished. These provide the exact moment of a scene to be captured and replayed.
  • The cinema-graph GIF is widely used by youngsters to tease upon one another. This GIF is usually where only one or two parts of a picture or a video are in motion.
  • The emoji or reaction GIF is where an expression or an emotion like “all the best” and “get well soon” is sent in video format. These are useful for professionals.
  • The perfect-loop GIF is a clip that has its first and last portion combined without breaks. Looping makes the GIF look more attractive.
  • Technical or formal GIF’s are the ones that are being sent forth for educational and other areas of interest where a graph or a pie-chart is sent to gather the attention of the viewers.


  • Make chatting and conversations funny at times.
  • Useful teasing and cracking touches of sarcasm in between friends and families.
  • No restrictions are there for the types of colors in a GIF.
  • Ideally comforting for the vision of the eyes of all ages.
  • Useful for publications, promotions and in other formal workforces.
  • Pictures and videos are compressed naturally.
  • The property of storing multiple pictures is possible through a GIF.
  • Generating a GIF by own is pretty simpler to do.
  • Transparency is the extra feature of all GIF’s.
  • The routine way of interaction becomes an appealing one.
  • All GIF’s load quickly without any delay.


Though there are lots of features that are unique for a GIF, the disadvantages are also to be considerable. Usually, a GIF can support only the range of two hundred and fifty-six (256) color codes in it for playing. Sometimes the clarity and pixels of GIF are blurring making it impossible to see properly. Also, some companies have GIF’s that have license validity for playing and hence costs excessive data or money.

Few GIF’s do not have the option to be saved in your system or software. Every software or site does not support the GIF option. Longer durations of playing any GIF are not possible mostly. Sometimes noise addition could make the GIF’s sharpness reducible. Hence, even though remind GIF’s are a trend they remain as a question for technical queries.


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