Top 10 Video Editing Software

As today’s world is mostly virtual, depend, video editing software is now very important whether you are making a short film or high budget film. The success of any film or any short video editing plays a vital role. If editing is not done carefully with the best software than, the big blockbuster film can also be the flop film. So, that’s why there is a high need for ranking top video software, which will help you to choose the best software for editing.
In this article, I have ranked almost every type of video editing software from paid to free, no matter you are using a laptop or your phone, you will find the best software for editing video.

The ranking is as follows:-

1. Adobe premiere pro
2. Adobe premiere elements
3. Corel video studio ultimate
4. Cyberlink power director
5. Pinnacle studio
6. Kinemaster
7. Apple movie
8. Lumen 5
9. Nero video
10. Apple final cut pro X

Adobe Premiere Pro

If you use windows laptops or computers, then adobe premiere Pro is the best option for you. Premiere Pro is not only used for video editing It is also used for editing sound, which makes it pretty effective in editing. It can handle all types of videos like taped video, a camera recorded, VR. It has automatic sync, which is the gem feature of this software. It has a free trial for a short period. It provides you all types of professional editing tools. There is only one drawback that is this software is quite expensive as compare to others.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe premiere elements are also the software of Adobe, but there are some changes. If you are a pro or newbie in editing, this software is best for you. It is not complexed as premiere pro is. It has many features, like face detection, audio editor, many soundtracks. It consists of all the features you expect as a user of the software. The Drawback of this software is that its tools are not as powerful as premiere pro have, and it works a bit slow.

Corel Video Studio Ultimate 

Corel video studio ultimate is the perfect software for beginners. It provides you best feature according to price. It consists of all the features for beginners but, as more, as you use this software, you find that there are not enough options. It has many tracks, multi-cam editing, etc. This consist of all the function for beginners. If you are a newbie and want to learn video editing, then this software is perfect for you.

Cyberlink Power Editor

Cyberlink power editor provides the best video editing features without a big Hollywood movie budget. It provides you quite professional and high-quality features. If you want to do video editing on serious levels like movies or music videos, then this software is perfect for you. This is the best software for pros but if you are a newbie then this software is quite difficult for you because it consists of many advanced features.

Pinnacle StudioIf you never edited video before then, this is the best option for you. This is money worth software for beginners. It provides you more 1500 effects, titles, and templates, and many more. It consists of all the features of the video. But it is quite basic for pros. It is very simple to use. This provides you the easiest way to edit videos.


This is the best software for video editing on android or iOS. It provides quite higher functions as compare to other mobile software. It has really rich functions. This software is not only good for beginners, but pros can also use it for editing. This software is widely used by people for editing. The only drawback of this software works slow on low rated phones otherwise, this software is best for video editing in smartphones.

Apple Movie

If you are looking for the simple and elegant software for iPhone or iPad or any other mac devices, then apple movie is the best option for you. It comes free with mac devices so, there is no need to purchase it. It consists of all types of features. You can use the Airdrop option for the wireless transfer of your editing files. The drawback of this software is you can’t edit all types of videos in this software.

Lumen 5

Lumen 5 is a good video editing software for a short video. If you want to make a youtube introduction video or short advertising Video then lumen 5 is the best option for you. It works for both android and mac devices. It also provides you blogging option from which you can share your video on blogging sites. The drawback of this site is this cannot be used for a large video like film etc.

Nero Video

Nero video is the software which great for pro peoples but not for a newbie. The Newbie may find it quite difficult. Nero video software does not have all the software like speeding, audio editing, etc. This software is quite good, according to the price. The Drawback of this software is it does not consist of some editing features.

Apple Final Cut Pro X

For advanced features, apple’s final cut proxy is good software. This software is quite difficult for beginners, but if you are used to mac products, then you will not find it more difficult. If you did mastery in apple movie then apple final cut proxy is the best app for you. It consists of many professional features which are good for video editing career. It is a paid software consisting of more transitions and effects. The drawback of this software is quite difficult for beginners


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