Yahoo messenger has login problem

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A problem occurs in  my  Yahoo Messenger.

It was installed successfully, but when I tried to login with my Yahoo email ID and password, an error  message appeared.  

I'm looking forward to get perfect solutions.

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Yahoo messenger has login problem


Hello, if you cannot login you YM, try to check if you have access to the internet, if yes, then check your username or E-mail as well, as your password, if you have type it correctly, might as well try a simple password so you will not able to forget them,

Try also logging in with your full email address.

By the way, did this problem occur regularly? Or you’ve just encounter this problem just now.

Because there are also times that the Yahoo server will shut down, then if it does happen, you can try and wait for a few days and it will resolve itself.

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Yahoo messenger has login problem


Maybe there is a problem with your internet connection that’s why you can not sign in with your Yahoo! Messenger. Try to check your Yahoo! account if it is still working by logging-in to your Yahoo! mail account. This will also check if you can connect to the internet. Open your web browser, go to Yahoo! and then login to your account.

If you successfully logged in, close your web browser and then open your Yahoo! Messenger. Try to sign-in again with the same account you used in your Yahoo! mail. If still can’t sign-in to Yahoo! Messenger, uninstall it and then run a disk check on your computer to check your drive for errors.

  1. Right click on drive C and then select Properties.
  2. Click Tools tab.
  3. Click Check Now.
  4. Check Automatically fix file system errors and then hit Start.

After the disk check install Yahoo! Messenger again. Try signing-in after the installation. If you still can’t sign-in maybe your connection doesn’t permit it that time. Try signing-in some other time.

I already experienced it once where I can login to my Yahoo! mail account but I can not sign-in using the Yahoo! Messenger. The connection is good but I don’t know what the problem is that time. But after a couple of days, I can sign-in again in the Yahoo! Messenger.

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