Problem (YM/ QQ/ MSN): cannot see received messages

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I am a frequent user of YM, MSN and QQ International but for the last three days, I cannot read all incoming messages from my chat mates. I've been encountering the same problems despite un-installing and re-installing these messengers in my netbook. I have also tried re-starting, but it doesn't work.

The only way I can read their messages is too highlighted the invisible part, press CTRL+C and paste it in my message box (please see screenshot). This is quite bizarre to me, and I can't seem to find any helpful solutions in the net. Please advise if there's a way to fix this, as its very inconvenient to copy-paste all the time.

Thank you!

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Problem (YM/ QQ/ MSN): cannot see received messages


The latest version of the messenger must be downloaded. In case one prefers to use  Yahoo! Messenger 10 or its older versions, please follow the following steps which may help to the Windows Registry troubleshooting and also help in resolving them.

Note: The following steps are optional and in case of any discomfort, one is suggested to skip them. Also any changes in Windows Registry would be immediate, and the backup does not have automatic mode setup..

The below steps are for creating the backup. Incorrect use of  Registry Editor incorrectly could result in fatal system wide issues. This may also end in one reinstalling windows to rectify the issues. Hence follow the steps considering the risks.

  • At the bottom right corner of the computer screen, right-click the yellow Yahoo! Smiley icon in the notification area. After same, choose the option Exit.
  • One is advised to make a backup, before any modifications are made to the registry.

    • Press the key combination Windows Logo + R. This would result in the "Run" command being prompted.

      • Type the word ‘regedit’ and click  on the option ‘OK’. This would make the Registry Editor to open.
      • Select the option File | Export.
      • Click the option Desktop which is on the left column.
      • Click the option ‘All’ in the ‘Export range’ panel.
      • For the ‘Filename’, type the word ‘backup’.
      • Click the option ‘Save’.
  • Browse the below location in the “Registry EditorHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsZones
  • In order to view the zones, double-click the Zones folder.
  • In the left column, one would only see a list of numbers. In the case before zone 0, there is an unrecognizable character, the particular key should be deleted.
  • The Registry Editor is now closed.
  • Please try try to send message after opening the Yahoo! Messenger .

    • In case one is finding any discomfort following the steps mentioned above  or if the issue still occurs, it is suggested to try uninstalling and reinstalling Java..

      • Press the key combination Windows Logo + R on your keyboard,  This would prompt for the "Run" command.
      • Type the word  ‘appwiz.cpl’ and click on the option OK. This would result in the opening of "Add or Remove Programs."
      • Click the uninstall option after selecting Java. As there could multiple versions of Java installed, please ensure all of them are removed from the system.
      • After this, latest version of Java Runtime Environment is downloaded and installed.

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