Windows XP only runs well in Safe Mode?

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I am using Windows XP and as I begin the system, it hangs when starting up and while I’m using it thereafter.

If I begin in Safe Mode it performs well.

What is the problem with it? 

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Windows XP only runs well in Safe Mode?



Did you update the driver or install updates or any procedure done prior to the occurrence of the problem?

If so then can you specify what are they so we can provide you further solution?


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Windows XP only runs well in Safe Mode?



Hi Suttie,

There are several causes why Windows XP or other operating systems hang when starting up. One of it is system file corruption that is caused by an improper shutdown of the computer. Another cause could be a system error/incompatibility of a new driver or application that was installed. The worst case is that your operating system was already infected by a virus or malware. Because only basic drivers are loaded during safe-mode, it could not have loaded the damaged file. Actually, during safe-mode, you could actually troubleshoot the problem. Do system checks by running a thorough "scandisk".

Go to Start>Accessories>System Tools>Scandisk

Or, if you "system restore" is enabled, you could restore your windows to any "restore points".  

Go to Start>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore

If all fails, you could use your bootable Windows XP to repair the system files.

I hope this helps.


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Windows XP only runs well in Safe Mode?



Safe mode is occurring when the computer system encounters a problem in the system unit. The primary reason for this to happen is that when the Windows has been shut down improperly. If it is the case, try to restart your computer so that the Windows will clean up the problem. There are some other reasons why the computer boots into Safe Mode is a corrupt device driver, missing or damaged system file.

During the booting up process into Safe Mode, indication of what is the cause of the problem is usually shown.  Try to figure out the problem and error by reading the given message, then, try doing system restore. If you are rebooting the computer and its rebooting back into the safe mode there is likely another exist in the Windows. You may see the basic troubleshooting section for additional ideas that may help you to resolve it or contact a computer specialist for more professional advice and solution.


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Windows XP only runs well in Safe Mode?


If you are encountering freezes or hangs after startup, try the following solutions below:

1. Restart your computer. There are many things that happens in the background especially when you recently installed new updates or any changes on your computer system. A restart might work to restore your computer.

2. Sometimes you need to repair your Windows installation to replace damaged or missing Windows files. If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, run the Startup Repair. In Windows XP, it is called as the Repair Installation.

3. Launch Windows  using the Last Known good Configuration to return your settings to the last time that you started your Windows without problems.

4. Run your Windows in Safe Mode and then use the System Restore to undo the most recent changes.

5. Run your antivirus and perform a full scan on your system.

6. Clear your BIOS memory to bring your BIOS settings to its default settings.

7. Test your RAM.

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