How to stop Error 0x00000022 BSOD

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Hi All,

I have a Windows XP machine which is giving me a lots of trouble since I have installed a new VGA. When booting I have received this error on the blues screen. Stop Error  0x00000022. I have checked my hardware but still getting the problem time to time. In safe mode however, I didn't receive the error. Looking for a solution.



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How to stop Error 0x00000022 BSOD



This error, commonly known as Blue Screen of Death, comes when any serious error occurs and Windows needs to stop then and there. Mainly hardware or driver related problems causes this error.
Follow these steps:
• use Last Known Good Configuration to start Windows and undo recent registry and driver changes.
• Use System Restore 
• Roll Back device driver 
I think you graphics card driver is not compatible with Windows. So you may need to roll back to previous driver. Then download latest graphics driver. Don’t forget to check compatibility with Windows.
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How to stop Error 0x00000022 BSOD



This is applicable to Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT.
The STOP 0x00000022 STOP code is rare, so much information on how to resolve is not available in the net.
1. Restart computer
2. Do the STOP error troubleshooting.
These steps are not exactly for STOP 0x00000022 error, but since it worked for similar errors, it may work for this.
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How to stop Error 0x00000022 BSOD



Cause of STOP 0x00000022 Errors

STOP 0x00000022 errors are likely caused by hardware or device driver issues.

If STOP 0x00000022 isn't the exact STOP code you're seeing or FILE_SYSTEM isn't the exact message, please check my Complete List of STOP Error Codes and reference the troubleshooting information for the STOP message that you are seeing.


Note: The STOP 0x00000022 STOP code is rare so there's little troubleshooting information available that's specific to the error.

However, since most STOP errors have similar causes, there are some basic troubleshooting steps to help fix STOP 0x00000022 issues:

  1. Restart your computer if you haven't already done so.

    The STOP 0x00000022 blue screen error may not occur again after rebooting.

  2. Perform basic STOP error troubleshooting. These extensive troubleshooting steps aren't specific to the STOP 0x00000022 error but since most STOP errors are so similar, they should help resolve it.

Please let me know if you've fixed the STOP 0x00000022 blue screen of death using a method that I don't have above. I'd like to keep this page updated with the most accurate STOP 0x00000022 error troubleshooting information as possible.



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