Where can I get source code for the best web extractor?

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Hi TechGurus!

I would like to develop a web scraper, crawler and extractor to be used in mustering information for my professional use and particular from my websites developed by my team. Which is the best web extractor application out there that gives access to a substantial percentage of their source code so that I can learn and borrow as I develop one for my company? Thanks big time.

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Where can I get source code for the best web extractor?


Hi Hay Lin Lyana

 The application that it is easy to use that allows users to download the entire internet sites or sections to be stored in the HDD and later on view them offline refers to the software program known as 'Website Extractor'

The features of web extractor are very simple and intuitive user friendly and makes task a breeze. This program suits researchers, journalists and students since they can easily archive reference material at low cost.another benefit of using web extractor is that, it turns web addresses (URL's) into addresses that work on your PC, thus able to move the whole websites or information to HDD or floppy disk.

For more information about other features and download : http://website-extractor.software.informer.com

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