Php 5 and MySQL 5 download links

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I need to download PHP 5 and MySQL 5.1 and then configure it in Apache httpd server so they work together. I've downloaded MySQL, but how do I install PHP?

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Php 5 and MySQL 5 download links



I will help you to clear your concern. Both the softwares PHP and MySQL are opensource products and available free. You have choose excellent platforms to work with.

If you are running a Microsoft Windows PC, then download XAMPP to your PC. It is freely available.It contains Apache, PHP and MySQL software. Install it and start all service. You are good to go.

If you are on a Mac, then download MAMP, which is the Mac version of XAMPP. It also contains the software as its Windows counterpart. Install it start all service. All done.

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Php 5 and MySQL 5 download links



To install PHP, follow these steps:

1.  Create a folder on your hard drive to install all the PHP files into once they unzipped.  Name this folder "c:php".

2.  Go to the PHP directory and copy the following file:  "php.ini-recommended" and give the copied file a name of "php.ini".

3.  Move the new ".ini" file to  "C:Windows".

4.  Go to the Start menu and under Accessories open the ASCII text editor.

5.  Open the new "php.ini" file and make the following changes:

6.  Find the line short_open_tag and change this so the value after the "=" sign reads "On".

7.  Next find the line magic_quotes_gpc and change the value after the "=" to read "On".

8.  Find the line display_errors and change the value after the "=" to "On", once you go "live" you will want to change this value back to "Off".

 9.  If your script is going to use sessions you will need to change this next line if you are not going to use sessions go to step 10.  Find the ;session_save_path line and enter "C:tmp".  You also need to delete the semi-colon from in front of the line.  This "tmp" file needs to be created on your hard drive just like you created the "php" file in step 1.

10.  if your going to use the mail function, find the "[mail function]" and make sure these settings have the right email settings as your account does. For example, make sure the SMTP server and account  are correct.

11.  Close the "ini" file.

12.  Open the Apache configuration file.  This file is located in the "conf" folder.

13.  Locate the "LoadModule" statements and add "c:/php/php5apache.dll".

14.  Locate the "AddModule" statements and enter "AddModule mod_

php5.c" after them.

15.  Locate the "AddType" statements and enter "AddType application/x-httpd-php.php" after the last statement.

16. Enter the location of your "php.ini" file.

17.  Locate the "DirectoryIndex" line and add "index.php" in front of "index.html".

18.  Restart the Apache server to accept your new changes.

These steps should help you to configure Apache to work with your PHP program.

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