Youtube video shows it has only 1 click

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Hi There!

‘Youtube’ is the worlds largest video sharing community all over the world. So I have a account in ‘Youtube’.

I upload some videos in my own channel. I check my videos regularly and also check how many visitors are views my videos. So today after login my account I see that one video has only one (1) click. But this video views my many friends and office colleagues.

So why can display only views one person and one computer?

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Youtube video shows it has only 1 click


Hello Neil

Okay as you have said that you're friends and colleagues have viewed the video. Did they viewed it on a the same computer? Or on their workstation? Are you the only one who had the video? And did they click the video you uploaded or they just click a video the same as your video but with another person link.

When viewing on the same computer it will not register as how many people will view such video. One computer entitles one view. Even if thousand viewed it in your computer, it will still count as one. It has got to do with the IP of the computer. 

Another in the workplace if everyone is connected on the same IP address. It only registers one IP address regardless of the PC being used.

And lastly make them sure that they are viewing your link and not other people's link. Cause it will never count as yours even though they viewed the same video. If it was your personal video then someone had a copy and used it as their own. In other words pirated. Those are some reason that may caused it.

If you still doubt it. Send report on youtube about this.

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