What is the Gauss Malware?

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What kind of Malware is Gauss Malware?

How can I protect my PC from the Malware?

Do I need any new protection if I use ESET internet security?

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What is the Gauss Malware?


Hall Charls,

Gauss Malware is another scary computers virus that has been designed to steal an individuals bank account details while ate the same time it gathers a lot of information concerning the machines that have been infected. To an average computer user, there is no need to be concerned a lot about the Gauss Malware, but it is advisable to bone up on the basics that will help stay safe from the harm it causes.

The Gauss Malware has the same origin as the Flame malware which spread through Iran as well as the Middle East sometime this year. Gauss mainly targets banking information especially from the Lebanese banks, and also Citibank and PayPal, and it is main purpose for that is most likely espionage and not theft.



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What is the Gauss Malware?


Dear User,

Gauss was discovered in June 2011, launched in September 2011 but its commands and controls were shut down in July, but the Malware- Gauss Malware is usually inactive and is activated by servers. The malware is capable of stealing sensitive data and information and was discovered in Middle East.

Gauss affects 32 bit versions of windows but can spread through a spy module for USB drives affects 64-bit systems

Esset cannot be able to prevent your computer, Kaspersky can, moreover, it is the one that discovered  the gauss malware.

Hope I was able to help.

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