How To Get Rid Of Conficker.C Virus

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I have an anti-virus on but I only noticed this virus when I made a decision to scan my computer externally using a network. What can I do to get rid of Conficker.C virus without the need to re-format my system? When formatting is the final option, if I transfer the file from the infected disk to another hard disk, will the clean disk be infected as well?

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How To Get Rid Of Conficker.C Virus


Best approach if you're not a comp savvy is to download Free Conficker Removal Tool to remove infected files. Reformatting would be your last resort as it will erase the contents of your hard drive and re-install every software you had before.

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How To Get Rid Of Conficker.C Virus

Hi there,
Conficker.C is a new version of Conficker B++ worm. The conficker vorm is highly dangerous for pc.
ConfickerC worm  automatically downloads  trojan virus with timer set to launch the attack and makes your pc more vulnerable to viruses.
Symptoms of Conficker virus are:-
* Disable anti-virus and its activities.
* Denies access to security related websites and blocks online anti-spyware scanners.
* Disables Windows Automatic Updates and blocks the access to Windows Security Center. 
* Disable safe mode in pc
* Disable system restore and restore points
To cure this virus affection, download the software suggested below.
Hope these helped.

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