What is this “Flame” virus?

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Is there really a new virus called Flame and what does this do to a computer? How can I safeguard my computer against this virus and what steps do I have to take to avoid this?

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What is this “Flame” virus?


Dear user, This is very good to see that you are very aware about the latest threats. Flame virus is the most complex computer virus. This virus has been made by an Iranian scientist.

This new virus is designed for spy on people, their activities. It can steal heavy classified information and cause a mass deletion data has been uncovered by a number of anti-virus software vendors and security researchers.

Hungary's Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security (CrySyS Lab) has produced a comprehensive technical report. It was involved after reports that a number of systems in Hungary had also been affected by a 'mystery virus'..

Still now this virus is undetectable by any anti-virus, but for more security you have to update your anti-virus.


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What is this “Flame” virus?


Dear Ms. Angela:

In our modern world, viruses are very common. As what Kaspersky antivirus calls flame virus as "one of the most complex threats ever discovered".

Flame virus is infecting PCs from other parts of Middle East places and collecting information/data from every unit.

The virus can sniff out information from input boxes, including passwords hidden by asterisks, record audio from a connected microphone and take screenshots of applications that the virus deems important, such as IM programs.

It can also collect information about nearby discoverable Bluetooth devices. The virus then uploads all this information to command and control servers, of which there are about a dozen scattered around the world.

You can be safe from this virus, by avoiding the use of USB sticks, since normally it would be from external source. And most especially make sure that your antivirus is updated and always active.

I hope this answers your queries.


Feln Lily

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