EXE errors, can it be a Blaster Worm invasion?

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Just the other day my PC HP model G60 was in a good working condition, pretty fast and I shut it down as usual but when I tried to reboot the following error message was displayed at the log-in screen, "Svchost.exe – Application Error. The instruction at "0x77f51c96" referenced memory at "0x0000010". The memory could not be "written". There was an option to click Ok.

When I clicked on it once, the same error was displayed. When I clicked on it twice another new error message was displayed "Lsass.exe – Application Error" When I clicked Ok the 3rd time the error message changed to the first error to be displayed (svchost.exe error). A 4th click got me scared as the PC froze. Nothing else could work and the only thing I could do was to forcefully shutdown. On the second start up it displayed the error. This time around I ignored it and allowed it to log in. The error appeared on the screen but everything appeared to be alright.

I only realized there was a problem when the network connection icon disappeared and when I tried to check it, the PC froze. The same thing happened when I tried to click on the task bar. Sincerely, I don’t know what could be the problem. All I need is help.

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EXE errors, can it be a Blaster Worm invasion?


Your computer might be infected with Malware. A Malware can cause serious problems on your computer; if it is a Trojan or rootkits then your online activity is in threat. These kinds of Malware can steal your identity by logging your keystrokes and then it will create a back door which will let the intruder or the creator itself to control your computer into a remote location.

The Svchost.exe and lsass.exe is a part of your Windows sysmtem32 processes. Some virus imitates these processes or worst corrupting the original process and making your computer performance worst. Svchost.exe is a Microsoft’s generic host process that runs from a dynamic linked library. Svchost.exe is an alternative for acting as a bridge between library process and your OS (operating system).

If any Windows error that is related to this process, then it may be a Trojan that has gotten into your computer system that monitors your computer activity both online and offline activity then sends the information directly to the creator of this Malware. There are more than one svchost.exe that are running on every Windows operating system, may be the one that keeps popping on your computer is a Trojan.

The lsass.exe or the Local Security Authentication Server is responsible for the security of a user logging in to your computer or the server. It is also responsible for password modification done by the user. Any Windows related errors with lsass.exe is most likely done by a Trojan and it probably infected the lasass.exe. This Malware is responsible for downloading more viruses, spywares and Trojans into your computer and when this happens then your computer system is as good as dead. (Perform Full Format.)

To address this issue you must run an Antivirus scan to your computer. If your current Antivirus cannot do anything about this then I suggest you to replace it with another Antivirus like the AVG or the Microsoft Security Essentials. These two Antiviruses are free to download over the internet. The best way to run a complete scan is when your computer is on safe mode. To scan your computer in safe mode, restart in and press F8 before the Windows boots.

If your system is totally messed up and you cannot install a different Antivirus. Then you have to scan your entire hard drive to another computer. Slave you hard disk to a computer having a good Antivirus and let it remove all the detected virus, Trojans or spyware. If it removes the svchost.exe or the lsass.exe that has been corrupted or been infected by Malwares, your computer might not run correctly, the only thing that you can do is to repair your computer. It will replace missing Windows system files that are needed to run your computer.

To avoid this kind of problem, always use a good Antivirus, there are many free Antivirus that you can download which are much better than commercial Antivirus. Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the best Antivirus today. You can also have an anti spyware aside from your Antivirus software for double protection against online threats to your PC.

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EXE errors, can it be a Blaster Worm invasion?


Hi! Davis,

For some unknown reason for the last week I have been getting this message at shutdown. It's hard to catch the whole message because the computer will still shutdown, the message is (at least what I could catch of it), "Svchost.exe Application Error". The instruction at 0x 009c2c93 referenced memory at 0x009c2c93. That's all that I can remember. I updated Norton AV and scanned mysystem, but it found nothing. About two weeks ago I installed an external hard drive, but it works fine.

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