PS2 Keyboard not working on my machine only

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Friends I got a problem with my keyboard. Since last night my keyboard has not worked. I don’t know why it is happening. It’s a new keyboard which I bought last month. It’s a ps2 keyboard. To find out the problem, firstly I tried another ps2 keyboard on my PC, but I got no luck. Then I tried a USB keyboard which also not working. Then I tested my ps2 keyboard on another PC. This time it was working there. But it wasn’t working on the PC.

So, definitely the problem was on my PC. I don’t know that it is a hardware problem or software problem. I am unable to find any cause which is related to the problem. I don’t know what to do now. Now I am using the virtual keyboard feature of XP which is quite boring. Have anybody experienced this sort of problem. If you have solved it, then please help me.

Thank you.

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PS2 Keyboard not working on my machine only



How’s going. Well I think now your days are not getting well. Since you are having problem with your PS/2 Keyboard. Well the thing is that I also faced the same problem once. But now I have come out of that. Here I’m referring you to some possible solution. Which you may find effective.

1. Well the thing is that whenever you plug in a ps2 type of device like a keyboard or mouse you need to restart your computer. Since the computer doesn’t detect the ps2 slot automatically like a USB drive. So restarting your computer after the Plug In is really necessary. Hope you have already tried it.

2. Make sure that the ps/2 port is enabled in your BIOS. Otherwise the computer won't detect the port. For that please check WEB LEGACY SETTINGS. If it is not enabled then please turn on the setting. Then your device may be detected. You may disable the USB Keyboard support. It will make the computer to detect the ps/2 device. Plies sure the PS/2 plugs into the green slot. Otherwise it won't do anything.

3. You have to check whether the Correct Driver Software is installed on your motherboard. If not,then try to install it. And for that manually install “Device Driver” software for the keyboard.

4. Whenever we use a USB keyboard as our input device then the computer atomically makes the PS/2 port option disabled. As a result the computer couldn’t detect the port. So you have to check whether the device is disabled or not.

5. Sometimes it so happens that due to some fault with the WINDOWS OS. The ps/2 port cannot be identified. A reboot may solve this problem.

6. From your computer isn’t detecting the keyboard it may be a signal that there is something wrong with your motherboard. Your motherboard may be bad. Make sure all the ports are plugged in properly. Hope that your power line is properly plugged in.

7. Please check the below whether these things are working or not.

  • Printer connected with port working or not.
  • Does the Name Lock key light is shown or not.
  • If you another keyboard works on your pc or not.

If they are not working properly then there must be something problem with your motherboard.

8. Show your keyboard to your retailer shop and if the above mentioned device is working properly then you can your motherboard is correctly performed. Because processor has nothing to do with keyboard problem.

9. If you find out that there is a problem with the motherboard, before showing it to the shop, please check whether the POWER-SUPPLY-UNIT is working properly or not. Because otherwise keyboard won't work properly.

10. Last of all suggesting you to see if the right windows software is installed or not.

Hope for the best.

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PS2 Keyboard not working on my machine only


Hello Cornelius,

The problem you are having with a keyboard is a common one. You need not to worry. Just try to follow carefully these ways to solve this problem one by one.

  • Check internet for latest updates keyboard driver. Download to install the driver, if it is available. You can download to install from here:
  • You can also update your keyboard driver. Follow this way, Go to Control Panel > Keyboard > Hardware > Properties > Driver > Update Driver.

Or, Go to Start > Run > write devmgmt.msc > select OK. Open keyboard by double clicking it. Uninstall by right clicking on it. Then, you have to do what appears.

  • Or you can try to solve this problem by reinstalling the keyboard driver. I am telling you how doing it. Go to Start > Run > write devmgmt.msc > select OK. Open keyboard by double clicking it. Uninstall by right clicking on it. If the keyboard is not enlisted, it means your keyboard driver is not installed. Now, you download the latest keyboard driver from the above link and install it. Then, restart your computer. Check your keyboard is working or not.
  • You have a PS2 keyboard. Shut down your machine first. Then plug in your keyboard to another PS2 port in your PC cabinet. Start your machine on. Check your keyboard working or not. If yes, the PS2 to which your keyboard was connected is defective.
  • If no, shut down your machine again. Check your PS2 keyboard plug. Watch carefully the plug. Make sure all pins stand straight. If no, straighten pin(s) very carefully without damaging them. When you are convinced that all pins are straight, plug in the keyboard to PS2 port. Check to start your machine with.
  • As you said, you have checked your keyboard to another computer and your keyboard worked properly. However, I would say try another good keyboard on your computer to check your PS2 ports.
  • If the keyboard does not work, then your computer’s all PS2 ports are defective. Ask your hardware expert to repair or replace.

Cornelius, I have elaborated you how to solve your Keyboard problem. If you find any difficulty in my words to understand, please follow up this free keyboard problem solving video:

Be happy and have a good day.


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PS2 Keyboard not working on my machine only


Hello Dear,

Thanks for sharing your problem with us.

Dear it seems that your PS2 port on your motherboard is not working properly or turned off from your BIOS settings.

Kindly first go to system's BIOS settings while you are turning your computer on.

It will require a key from you to get into the bios setup.

Press that key and check your port settings for PS2. Enable it if it is disable.

If it is already enabled then your PS2 is not working properly.

Replace your PS2 port.


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