Confuse about my operating system

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I installed the same operating system (Windows XP) on my computer after the old one crashed. How am I supposed to know which disk/drive IM running my current Operating System and how to remove the old one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
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Confuse about my operating system


If you are get confused about your operating system then i will suggest you a simple and very easy solution. Some people might take it a stupid answer but i think this is the best solution ever. Two method if you have some secure data that you want to lose the what you have to do.

Insert into your Cd room and select the partition in which you want to install it will search for the old Operating system if it found any Old version of the operating system it will display an option asking your that Older version found format that version and install a fresh copy.

Hope you will get my point.


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Confuse about my operating system


Hi Cverg,

Either you have two XP in different or same partition in your HD, every time you start your pc, you will find prompt to pick one of your XP. the prompt similar like the picture below:

In your case, you got double "Microsoft XP" on your prompt, right?

  • Pick the one at the top.
  • If you had 2 partitions, the old XP was in drive C and your new one in drive D. It because when the first windows time install of new pc, it must be on drive C.

Btw if you install OS in same partition, skip this step below.

  • Click Start > Run > type : cmd > Enter.
  • It will open command prompt box. See the first letter, is it C or D? This is where you are now.


Now you know, the top options of the OS prompt is in the drive letter you find in windows command prompt.

  • Restart your computer and check the bottom options on XP prompt.
  • Repeat all steps above to make sure yourself about your OS conditions. Write your research on notes if necessary.

Now you're ready to remove the old XP.

  • Go to XP on partition D.
  • Download and install Easeus Partition/Partition Magic in drive D.
  • Clean formatted drive C to NTFS. Pick Wipe and destroy data options.
  • Then Resize drive D until it replace all space of drive C.

Follow this steps really carefully. Save and back up all your important data before format your HD.

  • Click Start > right click My Computer > Manage.
  • Find Storage > Disk Management. change drive letter D to C.


O yes, if your XPs both installed in one partition, you just need to insert your CD Rom XP, formatting your XP partition with CD installer, then start clean install.

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