What should I do if my system time is not correct?

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Hello experts,

Hope all of you are quite well. I am experiencing a new sort of problem. My system time is not showing correctly. When I synchronize the system time with the current time, it only endures for the time I run the pc. If I switch off the pc it becomes incorrect again and again.

I have been suffering a lot of problems for this Time error. Some of the software are not running if the time is wrong. So this TIME ERROR annoying me so much. Moreover, a message is showing at the time of stating windows saying that my system time is invalid. I talked with en computer expert about this problem. He recommended me to change the CMOS battery. As he recommended me I changed the CMOS battery.

But, I have not gotten any effect on my pc with changing of CMOS battery. So, where the problem is. Is there any problem on my motherboard? I have been using my current motherboard for the last 3 years. It is a Gigabyte motherboard. Have any body ever experienced this sort of problem? Then may be you have solved this problem. Please help me a suggestion or solution so that I can make my system time as stable as past. Thank you friends.

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What should I do if my system time is not correct?


Solution 1. Double click on date at the taskbar. A dialog Date and Time Properties will appear. Click Time Zone. Select your GMT time zone where you are. For example, suppose you live at Seoul, select your time zone GMT+09:00. Then, you click Apply. Time zone will be updates correctly with your local time.

Solution 2. You can make stable your system clock from BIOS. Please follow these steps:

 Restart your PC and press Delete and go to BIOS menu.

 Go to CMOS Features and select time by pressing down arrow.

 Press right arrow to put value to change to current local time.

 Press F10 to save.

 Select Y for yes and press Enter to exit. I hope your system time will be stable now.

Solution 3. Now please try to change time from Command Prompt. Follow these steps:

 Go to Start > Run, type cmd and press OK.

 Write time and press Enter.

 Put values to change to your current local time and press enter. I hope your system time will be stable now.

Solution 4. If previous three solutions have not worked, then try this one. What you have to do is to make a system registry to fix your motherboard clock at GMT permanently. Go through following:

 Restart your PC.

 Go to Run, write regedit. Select OK.

 You will see Registry Editor comes up. Go to:


 Open TimeZoneInformation folder. Take your mouse pointer to empty space and right click. Go New > DWORD Value. Name the folder as RealTimelsUniversal and assign value to 1.

 Restart your PC again. I hope you would be able to restart your system now having stable GMT time.

Solution 5. Run a System Restore from safe mode. Please follow these steps:

 Reboot your PC and go to safe mode.

 A message box comes, click NO.

 Another box will come, click next.

 You can see a few bold date in calendar. Those are your restore points.

 Select a restore point when your system time was stable and correct.

 Click next and let system restore process be run automatically.

 Your PC will restart again. Please wait till desktop comes.

 A dialog box of system will come on desktop. If it shows System Restore process is successful, I hope your system time will be stable from then.

Solution 6. (If you are running Windows on your PC) Try Repair process of your OS. Please follow these steps:

 Reboot PC having your Windows bootable CD in CD-ROM and until entering to Windows set up menu.

 When Windows set up menu appears, press Enter.

 Agree Windows terms and conditions, press F8.

 On the next screen, press Repair. Please keep patience till your Windows is fully repaired. Your PC will restart automatically and Windows will automatically repair. After repairing Windows fix your system time and restart PC again. I guess you can glad to see that your system time is stable now.   

Solution 7.   Check for anti-virus update. Make sure that you update your anti-virus regularly. If not, you update your anti-virus first. Then run full system scan. If any virus is found, resolve that. Restart your PC and synchronize your system time correctly.

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What should I do if my system time is not correct?


Hi Simeon,

I see that you are having issues with your system time and you have been advised to changed the CMOS battery. It is not actually recommended to change the motherboard right away. You can do the following steps. To start off, what is your operating system? Can you still remember the last activity that you have done before the issue started?

The reason why you are having this issue is that the actual clock on your motherboard is set to GMT. For us to be able to fix this we need to need to add a key to your Windows system registry to tell Windows that your hardware clock will always be GMT. We can actually fix the issue by editing the registry: 

A DWORD key called, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlTimeZoneInformationRealTimeIsUniversal, needs to have the value of "1". Here's how:

1. Boot Windows.

2. Click Start –> Run and type regedit. Click OK.

3. The Windows Registry Editor should pop up. Navigate within the explorer to:

4. Click on the TimeZoneInformation "folder" from the navigation pane if you haven't already done so.

5. This assumes the correct key doesn't exist. If it does, you will just change the existing key's value: Right click on the white space within the folder (If you don't have a right mouse button, you may need to download a program called applemouse to emulate the "control-click" of the apple 1-button mouse). Select new –> DWORD Value. Title the key "RealTimeIsUniversal" (No quotes). Set the value to "1" (No quotes again). Hexadecimal should be fine.

6. Either reboot and set the clock in Mac OS or set the clock in Windows. You should now be able to reboot into either OS and have a correct clock. Please be careful.

All the best,

Justin T.

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What should I do if my system time is not correct?


Try the following solutions below:

1. Normally, when there is a problem with the CMOS battery, the system time could not be updated. So try to change the CMOS battery inside the CPU.

2. Update your BIOS to the most recent version.

3. Change the time server and see if it will work.

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