I am not able to copy files from my laptop

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I have been using my laptop which applies Windows XP to play CDs for a long time without any problems. But my problem started when I tried to copy some photos I had saved in the laptop onto a CD because I kept getting this error even after retrying. What could be the problem?



Problem Copying

Windows encountered a problem when trying to copy this file. What do you want Windows to do?


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I am not able to copy files from my laptop


Hi Alger,


What I get from your words that when you trying to make a copy from some file from your laptop to a CD it fails and you get that error, also I noticed from the error that the file extension is FLV  and you said that you tried it also on photos and also it fail, so this mean that the problem is not in files itself as it opens correctly on your laptop,

So firstly, check another CD as the one you have may be corrupted (see the free size if full so it is corrupted), if you found it works good or if you tried another when it is better for you to use a burner program like Nero or Virtual CD to can use it when copying files into the CD, this will be better in the performance.

Hoping my solutions help you, and don't hesitate to contact me if there is any problem


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I am not able to copy files from my laptop


There are sometimes windows making this kind of problem. You are getting errors about the copy of your files.  You are facing problems in copying the files. You can use software to copy that files. You can find your desire software to this site


You can use VLC player to run the .flv formatted files. the full meaning of .flv is flash video. VLC  player will help you to run the files. Your CD might have some problem. You can write it finely. You can use Nero or other software to write the disc. I  think you have got your desired answer.

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I am not able to copy files from my laptop



This is not a big problem. You can solve this problem easily by following some steps. To follow this problem just follows this way:

I think the main problem is with the Memory sectors. To solve problems of memory sector follow this steps.

1.       First right click on the desired drive go to its Properties.

2.       Then in the Properties box, click on Tools Tab.

3.        Now just press the “check now” button on the top of the box.

4.       Now just check here.

5.       Try to find auto fix Errors option from here.

6.       After that scan for bad sectors.

At last just wait till the process completes all phases.

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