Can I personalize BIOS window?

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Hi friends,

I have a clone desktop pc (p4). I bought it about 4 years ago from a local computer shop. One day when I went to the shop I saw the manager of the shop was starting their main pc. The most impressive thing was that when he started the pc, I noticed there a logo and the name of their shop was showing at the top right of the bios screen (the black screen which comes at the time of starting/booting a pc). I was impressed by this sort of technical thing.

I don't know how they did it. To know the system, I asked them about way of attaching the logo and name on the bios screen. But they did not answer me or said me anything about it. To do the same thing on my pc, I researched about that. But I got nothing. I possessed this question for several times to many experts. But all of them failed to answer my question. I really want to do that on my pc to impress my friends as I was impressed after looking that nice technical thing. Would any body please help me to do that on my pc?

N: B: If this question doesn’t provide clear idea about the subject, I will provide more information about the subject of the question.

Thank you all

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Can I personalize BIOS window?


Maybe the computer shop owner is using an app to change it, that is actually a feature in TuneUp Utilities, you can change the boot screen and the log-on screen to something that you like.

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Can I personalize BIOS window?

  • It is possible to change the boot screen and set one of your choice. The methods I have come across all involves installing a software.
  • The first one was tune up utility where you go to tuneup styler and this is the simplest and best.
  • The second one is first downloading the bootskin  software  from this site
  • And follow the instructions from this site
  • For this second one you will be able to understand some concepts essential to make any boot screen of your choice. This is infiltration which you will know later on after following the instructions from the above stated site.

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