Mstsc sessions from my Machine copy does not work

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Hi all,

I have a new issue. I work a lot of Mstsc sessions from my machine. The copy > Paste from my system to the remote system works fine for few hrs after that, the Copy does not work when taken to remote machine. Locally it paste's, but not when pasted remotely.

Can anyone help.


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Mstsc sessions from my Machine copy does not work



 Remote desktops usually use Clipboad sharing. The information that you cut or copy is saved temporily in a clipboad and you will be able paste the information in any document any number of times until you clear the clipboard or replaced by another copied content.

The issue you are experiencing may be because of the disabled drive redirection. Try resolving the issue by enabling drive redirection by following the below steps:

1. Click the "Start" button on the bottom left-corner of the desktop and click "Accessories". Or type "mstsc.exe" (without quotes) in the Windows Vista Search box and press "Enter".

2. In the "Remote Desktop Connection" window, click the down-arrow near "Options" and click the "Local Resources" tab.

3. Make sure that the "Clipboard" check box under "Local devices and resources" is selected.

4. Click "Connect".

Hope this helps.


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