WEP key in Hexadecimal Format

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Good day! I'm using a TP-LINK Wireless router (TL-WR340G),and I want to put a security password in it, but I'm having trouble looking for a right WEP key in Hexadecimal format, I keep on encountering this error, by the way I'm not really familiar with this kind of format.

Can someone help me with this?


WEP Key1 is invalid! The WEP key format is Hexadecimal currently

Make sure that all digits are hexadecimal(zero key is illegal)
and length meets the requirement.

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WEP key in Hexadecimal Format


Hi Jamesmaverick,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with configuring your router. 

Now, to answer your question: 

A Hexadecimal WEP password, or Hex means a password having 0-9 digits and/or with A -F characters. 

In your router's case.. Use only 1-9 & A-F passwords. 

Example. 2145547ADA. Make sure you make passwords that are more than 9 characters to work (increase the number of characters if you are still getting the error).


Hope this helps,


Paul Pinalb

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WEP key in Hexadecimal Format


Hexadecimal is much like decimal till the numerical value of 9 because after that there is no 10 or 11 but it starts with A, B and so on till F which is for 15. So simply put a normal password using these alpha numerics to create a password using Hexadecimal number system.

Its that easy.

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