Upgrading OS 6 in blackberry 9700

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I have upgraded my blackberry to OS 6, however I have been experiencing a lot of slowness and frequent lagging of phone. I have to hard reset every time this happens and its getting very annoying. I have already removed some of the applications to free up the phone space but its not working either. Can anyone advice me on how to avoid these issues? I don't want to downgrade to OS 5 again.

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Upgrading OS 6 in blackberry 9700


Actually the OS6 is not really designed to for the blackberry 9700 which is slower with only a 624 MHZ CPU and 256 MB of Ram. It was designed to work in the Blackberry Torch and other late models. However, since you don't want to downgrade to OS 5, you can try out the following tips to increase the performance of your phone:

1. Close un needed application running in the background. On your homescreen, longpressing the blackberry button will give you a list of all the applications running in the background. You will have to manually exit from each application.

2. You can clear your event log regularly as blackberry OS is designed to store everything. For example it stores the time you open and close an application, what you download, delete and all the websites you visit etc.

All this adds up to a lot of data being stored on to your phone. To clear out all this wasted space, hold down the "alt" button on your phone and type "LGLG" in lower case. You should enter the event log. Now press the blackberry button and select Clear Log.

3. Enabling automatic memory cleaning will help speed up your device. From the main menu, 

  • Select Options.
  • Select Security.
  • Go to "Advanced Security Settings".
  • Scroll to "Memory Cleaning".
  • Select the box beside ‘Enable’ to enable regular memory cleaning.

4. If you do a lot of browsing on your phone, it will help if you regularly clear out the browser which can take up a lot of unnecessary space. Take the following steps:

  • Open your browser.
  • Press the BlackBerry.
  • Select "Options".
  • Scroll down to "Clear Browsing Data" and make sure the box beside "Cache" is checked.
  • Select "Clear Now".

I hope that solves your problem.

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