How to delete address book and calendar in blackberry phone

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I need to delete all the entries in the Address book and Calendar and all require to back-up all the third-party applications installed in my Blackberry phone.

Please explain me the procedure. How do I sync the phone with my Outlook application?

Also, I am receiving an Application Error 523 on my device.

Why does this happen and how do I resolve the issue?

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How to delete address book and calendar in blackberry phone


Hi Evelyn, 

To delete the entire Calendar and Address Book records on your BlackBerry, follow underneath procedure. Prior deleting make sure you took backup copy of your Calendar and Contacts somewhere else, as in this process entire Calendar entries and/or Address Book entries will be get deleted from your BlackBerry.
Steps to delete Calendar and Address Book:
1. On your PC open Desktop Manager.
2. Then Open up Backup/Restore > Advanced.
3. After selecting Advance option you will see a split pane screen. Left pane is for what is going to be backed up from your device, and the right one is for a list of the currently existing databases.
4. Highlight on the right side your Address Book database and your Calendar database and click the arrow in the middle pointing to the left. This will copy the information over and prepare it for back-up.
5. Click clear button at the bottom after completion of backup to wipe out and clean out the complete address book database and Calendar database.
6. It will ask you then for whether you want to save a backup you have created. If you want to save select yes and check the device to make sure that all data has been properly clean out.
Steps to sync phone with outlook app:
1. Connect phone to PC via Desktop Manager.
2. Set up which part of Outlook you want to sync (e. g. calendar, address book).
3. Synchronizing data.
Error 532
Error 532 generally causes due to installation of incompatible third party applications. If you installed any third party application newly try by remove it. If problem still continue connect your phone to PC (desktop manager) with battery absent.
In application loader it will ask for the connection type just plug in (without battery). Click next when you see connection changes to USB pin or unknown. Keep going. At last before install now put battery in and check whether loading operation finishes successfully.
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How to delete address book and calendar in blackberry phone


Hi Evelyn Marcial,

I want to help you with some solutions:

If the see the Calendar and Address Book in the Desktop Software > Tools > Remove data, and it is greyed out, then disconnect your device from the USB and look on the BlackBerry at Options > Advanced > Service Books.

See if you have the service book for [DESKTOP]Sync, and if you do, scroll to it, press the Menu key > Delete.

Then reconnect to the Desktop Software and try again to see the Address Book and Calendar and remove the data.

You can return and UN'delete that service book once you've done the above.

That is my answer.

Have a nice day.

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