Tell me how to view iPhone backups on iPod?

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I recently purchased an iPod and was wondering if it is possible to view my iPhone backups on iPod?

If someone knows how to view iPhone backups on the iPod, then any kind of help would be appreciated.

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Tell me how to view iPhone backups on iPod?


Hello Lark,

In the event that an iPhone is synchronized with iTunes, iTunes usually makes a backup of the data that is on the iPhone. If you want to see the iTunes’ backup history, you just need to go to Preferences and then choose Devices.

iTunes has some sort of history of successive backups. You may think that about 3 or 4 backups would be queued, and older backups retired as new ones are made. But that is not the case. What iTunes does is to purge its backup history on a schedule of its own devising.

And therefore if you have to see the backup data on the iPod you have to go to iTunes.




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