Steps in Injecting VMWare Network Drivers in WINPE.wim

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I need the step-by-step method on installing or injecting VMWare Network Drivers to WINPE.wim. Can anyone provide the method for this? I am trying to do it but failed on mounting the image. I am thinking that maybe there is a incorrect procedure so I am looking for a step-by-step method. Thanks in advance.

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Steps in Injecting VMWare Network Drivers in WINPE.wim


Here are the steps on injecting VMWare Network Drivers to WINPE.wim:

Prerequisite: – This requires WAIK tools installed (WAIK available from CAE Deployment Team Share)

On the computer with WAIK Tools installed, create a directory to copy the WINPE.wim file to. For this example I have created a folder called CUSTOMWIM. Create two subfolders called DRIVERS and MOUNT.

Extract any required drivers into the DRIVERS folder maintaining folder structure. They need to be extracted so that the inf files are visable (not just copying setup.exe files).

Run “Windows PE Tools Command Prompt” (if Windows 7, run as Administrator)

Browse to the Customwim folder

Now we need to mount the image.

Type: imagex /mountrw c:customwimwinpe.wim 1 c:customwimmount

Next we want to inject the drivers we need. In below example we are adding vmware network drivers. We can either specify individual inf files within a folder or use a wild card as shown below:-

peimg /inf=c:customwimdriversvmwarevmxnetwin2k32bit*.inf /image=c:customwimmount

This will run through and install the INF packages for any found at specified location

When you have added all the drivers you need to, we have to unmount the image
*** Important to include the /commit part or does not save changes

imagex /unmount /commit c:customwimMount


Then copy the updated WINPE.wim from the C:Customwim folder and replace the existing winpe.wim file on the core server.


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