BootstrapPackage did not load correctly when launching web project

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I installed Visual Studio 10 version 10 on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit PC and been receiving an error when trying to launch a web project. The error says:

The Microsoft.Data.Entity.Design.BootstrapPackage.BootstrapPackage,Microsoft.Data.Entity.Design.BootstrapPackage, Version,Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' package did not load correctly."

The problem may have been caused by a configuration change or by the installation of another extension. You cannot get more information by running the application together with the /log parameter on the command line, and then examining the file 'C:UsermynameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftVisualStudio10.0ActivityLog.xml'.

What do I need to resolve this?

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BootstrapPackage did not load correctly when launching web project


This error normally appears if you attempt to reinstall Visual Studio 2010 to a different drive or to a secondary drive which is not your default drive. There might be some issues with the DLLs from your hard drive to the drive where you save VS 2010. So what you need to do is to copy the missing DLLs from your recent installation folder. Copy this missing DLL from your default drive install directory:

C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0Common7IDE

And then paste it to the same location from the drive where you installed VS2010. Say it was in drive D install directory:

D:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0Common7IDE

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