Registry affect the computers safeness

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How important is the registry of the computer?

Without cleaning it, does it affect my computers performance ?

Can you give me some idea?

because many people talk about it and I cant relate to them.

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Registry affect the computers safeness


The Windows Operating System Registry consists of several sections. It is where Windows application writes data during the installation process. Registry can be edited through regedit.exe that is provided with your Operating System, however if editing it is not done correctly, it may disable your computer permanently. We only edit Registry to manage the programs that are running for Windows startup. Also, it is important that we create a backup of it before editing it in case errors are made by accident. To back up a portion of the registry:

  1. Go to Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type REGEDIT
  4. Hit OK
  5. Select the key you want to back up under the Registry Editor
  6. Choose Export Registry File from the Registry menu
  7. Select the folder from Save in
  8. Type a name for your backup
  9. Choose Selected branch on Export Range box
  10. Click Save

To Edit or Modify the Registry, please go to

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Registry affect the computers safeness


The registry of the computer or the Windows registry is a vital part of the operating system. It holds all the information required and used by the operating system, software, and hardware. Any accidental modification of the registry can cripple an application if not the operating system. This is the reason why only advanced users are recommended to touch or modify the registry.

As you install and uninstall programs on your computer, the programs create and remove entries from the Windows registry and overtime makes the registry fragmented because of the holes or spaces left by programs that were uninstalled. And when the registry gets too fragmented, it can affect the performance of not only the application but the entire operating system as well.

The fragmentation that occurs in the Windows registry is different from the fragmentation generated by files in the hard drive. There are different tools that can be used to optimize or defragment the registry and one of them is PC Tools Performance Toolkit. Just install it and launch it. Then go to “Performance” tab and click “Compact Your Registry” to perform defragmentation on the Windows registry.


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