Why is it that my computer won’t restart properly?

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I have a problem with my computer—it doesn’t restart properly, not even when I set it to Safe Mode. However, the computer suggests that I reformat which I could not do because I will lose all of my files.

When the computer did restart once, I encountered an error message saying that the BOOTMGR is not detected.

I really don’t know what to do anymore and I am hoping you could tell me.

Thank you. 

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Why is it that my computer won’t restart properly?


Hallo Tony,

It seems that your computer's boot sequence and therefore the computer cannot find the operating system on the primary hard drive when it is booting. You will need to change the boot sequence from the system set up menu.

Just restart your computer and when it is loading press F8 to enter the system set up. Go to the BIOS settings and change the default boot option to the primary hard drive. Save the changes and the restart the computer. (Note the in the system set up you will not be able to use the mouse, it is in command line mode).

The computer should be able to boot properly now.


Lee Hung

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Why is it that my computer won’t restart properly?


Computer won't reboot are caused by single or multiple issues. This maybe a problem with computer hard drives or software issue. But first, your cords should be connected properly such as power cord to a surge protector and all cords needed to connect monitor to desktop, cpu, mouse and keyboards.

Upon turning the computer on, the fan should beings it's cycle. This should spin and very fast, should hear no chirping sounds or noise. If there is, clean-up computer components inside.

Clean this with the help of cotton, alcohol and other computer kit needed for cleaning such as vacuum, screw to open the casing and other needed tools. During the boot process, it should make some noise, a beep sounds if it encountered hardware failure. This indicate what type of problem needed fix. Beeps should have different characteristics and sounds. You must be familiar with this to help you understand the problem.

A common problem with failure to boot computer are the following;

Computer fan
VGA card
CPU processor
Hard drive

These should be double check and must be secured on it's specific slots. Wiring should be in place to ensure they are inter-connected. If everything fails, check with local technician to investigate more further.

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