What to do to longer the life of my PC

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I am using an Intel Pentium D 930 with 2GB RAM. I am an avid game player and would therefore like to know what I must keep on doing … disk cleanup, defragmentation, cooling e.t.c.. to longer the life of my processor and the system as a whole. Any advice will be useful. Thanks.

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What to do to longer the life of my PC


Hi Alberto,
There are several factors to be considered for increasing the life of the computer. The factors are as stated below:
A) Dust and heat problems
1) The dust in the system can affect the processor and short the processor life
2) Remove the dust from the bottom with the vacuum or cloth
3) Spray the air with compressed canned air to remove the dust particles
4) Replace the fans at some interval of time if they make sound as faulty fan would heat the processor

B) Use of UPS with the computer
1) The processor can be affected due to the variations in the power supply
2) Some of the components can get damaged due to voltage changes
3) It is advised to use a UPS to save the processor from such damage to the system

C) Disk Cleanup for the system
1) User should do timely disk cleanup to avoid the system damages
2) Click 'Start', Select 'System Tools', Click 'Disk Cleanup'
3) Select the files that are no longer in use and click 'Cleanup system files' button
4) Restart the system after the process is completed

D) Disk Defragmenter
1) The process of disk defragmenter fragments the files present in the hard disk
2) Click 'Start', go to 'System Tools', Select 'Disk Defragmenter' option
3) In the Disk Defragmenter window, select the disc you want to fragment
4) After the process is completed, restart the system

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