Recommend me a software to restore a workstation please

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Apparently my workstation is damaged and I have several files that I can not afford to lose, such as contacts and excel documents.

Can you please help me with a software to restore a workstation please?

And also help me understand how the software works, and how can I protect my workstation.

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Recommend me a software to restore a workstation please



If you are using a Windows 7 PC, there is a feature called "System Restore" that will let you restore your system's files to an earlier point in time. The drawback of this approach will be that any changes made after the restore point date will be lost.

There are other restoration utilities available for you but these need to be in place before you encounter a system breakdown.

You do need to determine if your PC is still usable at this time (can be powered up and you can log into it). If this is no longer possible, and if your current issue is already caused by a broken down hardware component, you will first need to replace the broken component. If the broken component is your system's hard drive, then all your data will now be lost (unless you have a separate backup on an external drive or an in-the-cloud storage facility).

Moving forward and assuming that you already have backup copies of your critical files, I have the following additional suggestions for you:

1) Use a stable antivirus application such as Symantec, Kaspersky or McAfee. These applications will be very useful in keeping out unwanted applications from auto-installing on your system while you are connected to the internet or even using removable devices.

2) Use free in-the-cloud storage facilities such as Google Drive or and store backup copies of your critical files here. These services also offer interoperability with mobile devices so you can access your files even on the go.

3) Keep your PC system properly ventilated and make sure you clean the cooling fans regularly. This step alone will keep your system running smoothly for a very long time.



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