Is Absolute Data Protect any good and what features does it have

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I want to obtain a software that helps me protect my files. I have several documents that I really want to be safe.

Someone told me to try Data Protect from Absolute. But I don't know anything about that software.

Can you give tell me if it can help me?

Is Absolute Data Protect any good or should I try another software?

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Is Absolute Data Protect any good and what features does it have


Hello John!

Absolute Data Protect is indeed a very good protection software. You can use it for your cell phone, your laptop or your tablet. First it locates your device by using the IP address, the Wi-Fi or the GPS to find it. Then, if your device gets stolen, you can remotely block it so that the thief won't be looking through your personal info.

If things really get bad, you can remotely erase all the files on the device, like personal photos, contacts and documents. That's why I would recommend always having a back-up copy of all your files.

I really recommend this particular software, because it is one of the best on the market. It has the best advantages for not that much money, compared to other software. Of course, you can try other developers, like the Disaster Recovery, which costs 2,000 $ per protected server, but it does a pretty good job in recovering your data. But it's better to be safe than sorry, so i would suggest taking precautions before you lose all the data.

Good luck with choosing the best data protection software!

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Is Absolute Data Protect any good and what features does it have


“ADP” or “Absolute Data Protect” is not a software that you can install anytime on your computer and be able to protect your files. It is an antitheft software that is integrated in the BIOS of Acer computers. This built-in protection allows you to protect your data as well as retrieve the system in case of loss or theft.

This built-in Absolute Data Protect software ships with 60-day trial period which can be upgraded to Absolute LoJack. Once you activate or enable ADP, the agent will be activated and will report the system every day with Absolute. Because this agent is built-in to the BIOS, it cannot be tampered with. The agent can only be removed with an authorized user and password.

In case you report that the system is missing, the agent will begin to call more frequently and Absolute will attempt to trace the physical location of the system based on the internet presence. Because of this, you can also entirely freeze the system to prevent any user access and also delete the entire system remotely.

For additional information, go to Introduction to Absolute Data Protect.

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