QuarkXpress Quit Unexpectedly on iMac i7

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It is my very first time to post in this message board and I think this could be my final destination as I am unable to determine this problem which I am obtaining. My problem is regarding QuarkXPress Edition: 8.16.2 as well as the error that I constantly get once I start running it.

I got this error "QuarkXpress quit unexpectedly." On my new i7 iMac 27” with OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.4. At first, before I used to add a couple of print styles in my archives after losing the "metaplus" typeface collection, almost everything is functioning great. The Quark begun properly and I was able to make the Quark data available.

As I was playing all over a tiny Typeface Book and a few fonts, that I confirmed and it was verified, the application was unable to start properly. I have consumed all of the required methods to sinkable any methods I have created for enhancing my typeface archives e. g. devastating and eliminating the typefaces I included, removing the typeface storage cache, removing Quark and each of the documents which include choices but still, absolutely nothing.

It continues to provide the same error. Now I am not completely comfortable, I have deleted Quark completely because each time I went to re-install Quark, it informs me the legitimate content of the application that was been set up, providing me alternatives/recommendations on setting up if I need a cleanse, individual set up and many other.

I recently continue to keep picking out to set up the similar listing in desires of overwriting any infected data but I do utilize Application Solution to eliminate QuarkXpress, Repeatedly.

I reconditioned all of the fonts which come using the OS X set up through Mac OS X Set up DVD applying Pacifism to locate the specific typeface tool. I have also applied Typeface Explorer Professional and Typeface Finagler to use and locate/accurate any problems for any of my typeface archives and anything appears to be ideal.

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QuarkXpress Quit Unexpectedly on iMac i7


You may try the following steps:

  • Try to trash the preferences file created by quark as it will be rebuilt when quark re-launch. Search for cam. quark.QuarkXPress.plist.
  • Moved out the quark folder from users > library > preferences > quark then re-launch quark.
  • If you are still having issues, you may want to try to clean out the font cache files using a maintenance tool like FontExplorer. It is a useful tool to clean out fonts:
  • http://www.fontexplorerx.com/products/
  • Disable extensions using quarks extension manager and do a process elimination to find any possible corrupted extensions. You can find the quarks extension manager under the utilities menu.

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