How to refresh a Frozen Mac OS?

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If my system is not responding, neither can I open any of the Force Quit menus, nor can I force my MAC OS to reboot. I can’t even see my Mouse respond, then what other options can I avail, to unfreeze it?

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How to refresh a Frozen Mac OS?


There are several ways to fix a frozen MAC OS, even if you are unable to move the mouse.

  • Press cmd + ctrl + eject, from the upper right corner of the keyboard, to force the computer to reboot. in the upper-right corner of the keyboard.
  • If the keyboard command doesn't work, or you don't have an eject key like the latest mac edition, then you have to press and hold the Power button for about ten seconds to force the bootstrap of the computer to turn off.
  • If that too does not work, then you must try to determine if the problem is with a program prevalent on your system the freezing might occur when running , i.e. a particular program only. However, if the freezing occurs randomly, or simply during everyday tasks, then it is likely that a problem exists within the OS.
  • If the computer freezes while using peripherals, such as a printer or a USB, then, that device may be the cause.
  • Your boot drive could also be running out of free space(less than 10GB), causing system instability. Click the Apple menu then from "About This Mac" click “Storage” to check for boot drive space.
  • The freezing may also be happening because of a bug-fix that you haven’t updated yourself to. Click the Apple menu and select "Software Update" to download and install any available updates, in that case.
  • If none of the above steps have helped to overcome the freezing issue, a Safe Boot is the last option. This will only load the optimal files that your OS X needs to run, and will perform a variety of troubleshooting scripts by default. You can load a Safe Boot Mode, by holding the shift key as soon as you hear the start sound. And then choose whatever troubleshoot techniques you want to adopt, one by one.

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