Error Scanning Device: XD cam software

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I am using XD cam software which has capacity for around 200 discs of import using the 330 camera which is also used to shoot the footage. Today, I got the following error message when I try to import some footage. How can I avoid this weird error? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Error Scanning Device

Failed to compile statement select t2.UMID from CUPMTADATA as U outer jo4n MEDAID as t2 outer join MEDIAINFO as t3 where tl.KEYFRAMECLIPID in (399, 412. 438, 402. 415, 392. 405, 418. 398, 395, 408, 401. 411, 414. 404, 417, 394, 407. 420, 397, 410, 400, 413, 393. 406. 403, 416, 396, 409. 419) and tl.UMIDID — t2.ID and tl.UMIDID — t3.LJMIDID and t3.DISCID 81:1(1: RIGHT and FULL OUTER JOINs are not currently supported)


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Error Scanning Device: XD cam software


This is an internal error all you need is to reinstall the program an make sure that u not exceeding the limit.The problem is occurring on Mac and PC, We have 10 sets of the premiere, it occurs on all of them.

All the suites are up to date, and we don't have any weird codec packs installed.

I'm totally stuck on this, and it's become a major issue as a lot of our clients bring in the media on XDCAM and we don't have the time to transcribe hours of footage when the premiere is supposed to import it natively.

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