How to restore previous Mac OS

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I just bought a 27” iMac. Recently, I make an attempt to install Windows XP through boot camp. But I was unable to register XP so I decided to go back to my old Mac OS, the problem is I cannot restore to its original OS. How can I fix this?

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How to restore previous Mac OS


Hi friend,

You can easily restore your previous Mac OS by following some steps. To go back at previous version of Mac OS follow these instructions.


Bootable Mac OS CD or DVD with Mac version 10.3.7 or 10.4.x, Optical drive.


1.       Go to BIOS and boot from optical drive with bootable Mac OS disc.

2.       Now follow those instructions to prepare for install Mac OS.

3.       Now install Mac OS perfectly in your computer with one or more disc.

4.       When you finished with it then use multiple restore disc to restore previous Mac OS.

5.       If you found only one restore CD then follow this link for more instruction or

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How to restore previous Mac OS


Which procedure were you trying to use to switch to the old Mac OS that you were using before? I will suggest that you just perform a clean installation of the Mac Os operating system again as opposed to trying to downgrading, if that is what you are trying to do.

The reason why you cannot be able to get the original Mac OS operating system when you try to downgrade is because there may be some windows XP files that are on the system and therefore you will need to get rid of them. Therefore, get a bootable Mac OS installation disc, and then perform a clean installation of the operating system.

As for the windows XP, you may just be having a wrong key, you could have tried others before you settle to switching back to the Mac OS.

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