Outlook Express Not Printing E-mails

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I can’t print e-mails from Outlook Express.

Even CTRL + P won’t work.

What can I do?

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Outlook Express Not Printing E-mails



Here I need to know something from you.

  1. You have faced some errors when printing from outlook.
  2. Have you faced any other troubles from other printing of MS office application like MS word
  3. What is the version of your windows?


  • Click on start menu
  • Go to all programs
  • Go to accessories
  • Go to run command
  • Type outlook/safe
  • Press enter, a window will open
  • Change the default printer to your choice. I recommend you to choose XPS document writer. To know the detail about you printer, go to this link:

Microsoft Windows XP – Specify your default printer

Thanks for having your time

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Outlook Express Not Printing E-mails


Since you are only using the pre-installed Outlook Express instead of the actual Microsoft Office Outlook, I think the problem here would be the attached printer. Outlook Express is integrated with Microsoft Windows the time it was installed and can never be uninstalled. I don’t see any reason why this component of Windows will not work since it is integrated with Windows and doesn’t have its own installation files that can be removed in case it is necessary.

If the printing problem is really caused by Outlook Express then the best way you can do is to install Microsoft Office Outlook instead of simply using the built-in program. But first, of course, you need to check if the printer attached to your computer is really functional. You can do some test print using other software like Microsoft Word. For example, open any Microsoft Office Word document in your computer. If the document contains several pages, print only the first page. If the printer is really functional, you should be able to do the print. But if not, check if the printer is really turned on. You should see the LED indicator on the side of the printer lights up.

If it doesn’t, check the power cable if it is attached to the power outlet. If it is attached but the LED is still dead then the printer is not working. You should bring it to a qualified repair technician that can handle printers. If the printer is working with the LED indicator turned on, the problem could be caused by the printer cable attached to your CPU. Check if it is attached properly and not loose. If it is securely connected then you probably need to replace it with a new one. The printer cable might already have some broken wires from the inside that usually is the cause of faulty cables.

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