Can’t connect to MS Outlook

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Hi tech savvy,

I am not a technical person; I need your help to solve the problem. When I try to connect with MS Outlook I stuck up with the below error message. I am sure MS Outlook is installed in the computer. I have windows 8 32 bit operating system and 250 GB hard disk. It is configured too, but where I am going wrong? Please guide me. Thanks.

1. Please ensure that Microsoft Outlook is installed.

2. Run Microsoft Outlook and configure the Default User profile.

3. The software designed to work with 32-bit, you should use the proper version of outlook Import Wizard.

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Can’t connect to MS Outlook


I think there is a problem with the installation of Microsoft Office Outlook. If you have upgraded your operating system let’s say from Microsoft Windows 7 to Microsoft Windows 8, you need to reinstall all your programs after the entire upgrade process. If you don’t reinstall all the installed applications, they will not work on the new operating system.

Reinstalling the applications on the new operating system is required to activate them and will work on the new platform. If you have bunch of computer programs installed, you have no choice but to uninstall and install back because that’s how it works. With Microsoft Office Outlook not working on Windows 8, it doesn’t mean that it is only Microsoft Office Outlook that you will reinstall.

You should reinstall the entire Microsoft Office package because it contains several other applications besides Microsoft Office Outlook like Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, and so on. To fix your problem, uninstall the whole Microsoft Office package, restart your computer, and install it back. This should fix your problem with Microsoft Office Outlook.

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