I cannot send mail in my MS Outlook account

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Hi there I need to send mail using my MS Outlook account but I keep on getting this error:

!Task bl**********@yahoo.com: Downloading folder list. ' Report error (0x80070057): An unknown error has occurred saving any existing work and restart the program. Could not complete the operation.

One or more parameter values are not valid.

What does this mean? How can I fix it?

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I cannot send mail in my MS Outlook account



Well it is not a serious matter or anything to worry about many people does not know about it as it is not known much to people therefore let me tell you 1 thing clearly that Yahoo is a POP3 server and not HTTP.

Moreover in order to have the permission to use Yahoo mail through a POP3 email client you need to purchase it only then you will be able to use Outlook or Outlook Express.

Otherwise you will use it through the Internet, that is, by going onto the Yahoo website and further than going to Yahoo mail.

Good Luck!

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I cannot send mail in my MS Outlook account


Hello Bluendyle,

The error you face there simply means that the Microsoft Exchange Server is corrupted, or either the tasks folder in the server is corrupted. The best solution for this is opening the outlook window and doing the following steps;

1. Opening the task folder in 'Simple list' view.

2. Clicking a Save task order on the actions menu.

You need to have the current view in order to set to the 'Simple list' or 'Current list'. Another method if that doesn't work is;

1. On File menu, click 'Exit' and 'Log off'.

2. Go to Start button, click Run and type 'exchnge32.exe' in open box click ok.

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I cannot send mail in my MS Outlook account



This error is triggered if you have exported contacts from Microsoft Exchange and transferred them to POP3 environment and using an external SMTP server.

Try these steps:

  • Go to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Open “create a new mail”.
  • Click “To” button.
  • Pull up contacts from your local contacts only.
Contracts of Outlook
  • Look for the contacts that are “EX” type. Most of the contacts you will see are “SMTP.”
Ex Type contacts
  • Go to Contacts in outlook.
  • Find all the contacts with “EX”.
Help Desk Contacts
  • In the email section, delete the address with “EX” and change it to- smtp: ***********@withex.com
  • Click the address icon on the right.
EX type of Contacts
  • Right click the email address and click on Outlook Properties.
Outlook Properties
  • Remove “smtp”.
Remove SMTP
  • Click OK.
  • Go to “Web Page Address” Email is now the same as the “Display as” field.
  • Remember to do the same with the other email addresses with the “Ex” type.
  • Save and close.
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I cannot send mail in my MS Outlook account


This error message could be brought about by a number of problems.

1. Incorrectly configured mail servers.
2. Registry errors.
3. Antivirus restriction.
To resolve this issue try one of the following solutions.
1. Ensure your mail servers are configured correctly. If you are using POP3 In particular make sure you check 'My outgoing server requires authentication'.
To do this click on 'Tools-Email Accounts-View or change existing email accounts-"Change" button-"More Settings" button-Outgoing Server tab'.
2. The error could also be brought about by registry having a small size limit. You need to do a registry clean up using either tune up utilities or ccleaner. Alternatively you can increase the size limit by following these steps.
  • In Control Panel, double-click System.
  • Click the Advanced tab, and then click Performance Options.
  • Under Virtual memory, click Change.
  • In the Virtual Memory dialog box, change the registry size.
You can also sort this by downloading and installing this file MDAC 2.7 SP1 from this website.
Just ensure your windows is genuine before you try this.
3. Your antivirus could be blocking access thus returning the error. Try disabling your antivirus. In most you can disable by the right click feature on the antivirus icon.
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I cannot send mail in my MS Outlook account



I have read your problem, no need to be much worried about this error.

I think your parameter is not correct, it is about to be referred because of wrong spelling of commands or functions or there might also be a possibility that you may have worms or bugs in the programming, or it can also be possible if you can turn on the caps lock on your keyboard.

What I mean is when you type your password you will get the error that your caps lock is on, so to overcome this problem you need to be less sharp while typing your commands and functions. One other reason is that sometimes it also happens when you try to copy large files like of 750 MB.

I think I give you a suitable answer to your question or for further details click the link below:


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