Microsoft Outlook Integration Error Message On Communicator

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I like to use Microsoft Outlook as my email client. I am using the Microsoft Office Communicator 2010 with Microsoft Outlook. During the login process, I get an error message saying ‘Outlook integration error.’ What should I do?

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Microsoft Outlook Integration Error Message On Communicator


This problem is caused due to the difference between the SMTP address in the Communicator and Outlook service.

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You can simply disable the email comparison check done by the Microsoft Office Communicator.

Method 1

  1. Once the error occurs, you can see a link in the dialogue box saying, ‘fix it for me.’
  2. Click this link, and the service will take care of itself.

Method 2

  1. You can also fix it yourself. Open the Run dialogue box.
  2. Open the Registry Editor.
  3. Locate the Microsoft Office Communicator key.
  4. Add a new DWORD value.
  5. In the Disable Comparison Check Key type 1.

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